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UFOs make annual November visit to Seattle, inspire hilarious commentary on YouTube

Thanks to KIRO’s Twitter, we were alerted to GossipandGabber’s YouTube video of the aliens “fucking landing” earlier this week in Seattle. Note: they don’t land. You see a rectangle “formed” by four blinking lights slowly move across the Tuesday night sky, while the videographer calls to her friends, murmurs how exciting it is to have spotted a UFO, and says, “Holy shit, here comes another one.”

An unnamed co-UFO spotter hypothesizes that it could be floating luminaria (aka “glowing lanterns”) — like we saw last November over Capitol Hill — but the narrator quite rightly dismisses this in favor of the fun of the initial “aliens” notion. “I’m so putting this on YouTube!” she says.

When two lights break formation and move toward each other, her friend says, “Oh, look they’re going to kiss. Kiss aliens!”

Hands down, it’s the most entertaining UFO video ever. Normally, it’s just a jerky camera and some heavy breathing dude going “Oh, man, oh, shit.” Which becomes a little creepy after a while. reader wrote in to say that he saw something similar: “I was driving eastbound on 164th St SE near Mill Creek around 430pm.  It was near sunset and I noticed a huge red light east over the foothills.  There were 4 lights in a square that were pulsating.”

That doesn’t sound like space junk suggested by Marius Strom, president of the Seattle Astronomical Society, when the Seattle Times asked what it might be. Curious people called into news media all over the area, along with the FAA and National Weather Service. The last two confirmed that it wasn’t a plane or anything weather-related that they knew of. Really, the only sane conclusion then is that invasion is imminent.

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12 years ago

That was pretty funny. Youtube for the win.

12 years ago

Ok, guys. This isn’t funny anymore. I speak for the Chinese Lantern Coalition of America (aka Claca) and we are so fed up with UFOs getting all the publicity. It’s been at least 5 years now that we have been selling our product to the West, and NO ONE can identify a SKY LANTERN by now!!!! Boy, are you white people SLOW!!! What will it take, an ‘Occupy the White House with 1,000 sky lanterns’??? Say….that sounds pretty cool…………..