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B&O Espresso apparently sticking around for 2012

After telling customers and the media that he had decided to shut his cafe down with the end of the month, B&O Espresso owner Majed Lukatah and staff are now spreading the word that the 36-year-old Hill institution is sticking it out for another year. Neighbor Doug with the happy news:

I  just stopped by the B&O for what I thought might be the last time and they told me they made an arrangement with the landlord to stay open until the demolition actually happens. So, they won’t be closing at the end of the month and the demolition has not been scheduled yet, it may take up to another year.

It looks like that Notice of Proposed Gentrification was a little premature.

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  1. So glad to see this news for many reasons. A big one is that I”m glad that a popular and viable business will not have to close for a pending demolition that may end up being quite a ways off. How many times have we seen businesses closed, apartment buildings emptied, buildings demolished (or worse yet, emptied apartment building left vacant – hello Bellevue & Pine!) for a couple of years or more before the developer (or a new one) gets going.

  2. I live in Bellingham but the B&O is a destination for the family in Seattle. We made a stop on my birthday in early November and Majed told me he was thinking of opening a place in Bellingham but found the prospect too expensive. Maybe we can start a campaign to find him a place here and encourage him? Love the B&O, everything about it. Thanks for all the years of wonderful food, drink and desserts.

  3. Yay! This distinctive place has always seemed to me part of the soul of Capitol Hill. I have patronized it since 1978 and I’m glad I still have a year to do so. I spoke with Mr. Lutakah today and urged him to open in a new location, but, as he pointed out to me, the new buildings that populate the Hill tend to be very expensive. A shame!

  4. Won’t matter if he still closes up early. We were very surprised to find the place locked up tight at 10pm. Wanted to support him, but wound up dropping $40 at the Dilettante instead.