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Capitol Hill food+drink | The Pine Box to replace The Chapel, City Hall to test streamlined permits

Eat it, eat it, eat all about it. Got a tip? We pay in beer.

  • Winning points for its name alone, The Pine Box will follow inside the old mortuary that was home to The Chapel before it closed earlier this year. 

“We just got the keys last week,” the Box’s Ian Roberts tells CHS of the new venture with a spring 2012 opening target. 

As one of the main drivers behind Seattle Beer Week, Roberts is a little beer focused. “We’ll have 30 beers on tap and a full back bar with lots of brown liquor.”

CHS reported on The Chapel’s end this summer as the longtime Capitol Hill night spot said it was moving on in a “landlord/tenant” thing. 

Roberts said work is beginning to overhaul the old Chapel space. The big center-stage bar is gone. A wall is being knocked out to open up a full kitchen for pizzas and a full beer-appropriate menu of food. The vibe of the “public house” will be shifted from dark and possibly a little spooky to, oh, we don’t know… maybe some place you’d like to rest for a really, really long time.

“It will be a little more comfortable with a little more wood,” Roberts said of The Pine Box.

It’s his first bar or restaurant venture after managing Brouwer’s Cafe in Fremont. Roberts said he’s partnering with two friends he met “across the bar” from outside the food and drink business — “They’re in the business now,” Roberts said. Better get comfortable.

You can get check out for updates.

This test will be in the restaurant industry, one of the case study examples from other cities.  New York City claims that they have cut the permitting time by 75 to 80% for new restaurants as a result of their new one-stop approach.  [Finance and Administrative Services] will test this in 2012.


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9 thoughts on “Capitol Hill food+drink | The Pine Box to replace The Chapel, City Hall to test streamlined permits

  1. but the allure to me of Chapel is that it’s IN the spot the funeral home Chapel was and was designed to totally embrace a mortuary meets hip bar.

    Just the same, it’ll be nice to have a functioning business back in there

  2. Sure, Chapel looked good but the crowd? I live across the street and it was popped-collar belltown bros ALL THE TIME. A stretch hummer parked outside every weekend until the place started losing business. Please Pine Box, be better than that. We’ve got so much cool stuff going on in out little micro-hood (Melrose Market, The Living Room, Faire, Montana, ye olde Bauhaus, Lil’ Woody’s, etc..) let’s build on that!

  3. I guess spoof of death is catchy to some, not this one.

    And, really not too creative.

    The old Chapel had this strange bar – high seats and a bright light in your eyes. Good riddence to the mid room bar.

    The menu and food at Chapel was decent, took me a while to figure that out.

    Pine Box, no, thanks.