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Capitol Hill food+drink holidays ‘who’s open, when’ 2011 edition

The Seattle Metropolitan magazine, as much as we like to tease the big, chubby glossy, did sites like CHS a big Frosty the Snowman with Chanukah lights favor this year and did some of the grunt work of assembling the “who’s open on Christmas” list 2011 edition. Here’s their guide to selections from across the city. We’ve gladly accepted their gift, below, plus added some of our own findings if you’re planning to go out on the town this weekend. We’ll have details on the coffee, grocery store, etc. end of the equation later this week.

Barrio is closed Christmas Eve and Christmas Day but peddling tequila New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day.

Café Presse will serve until 2 on Christmas Eve, close on Christmas Day, and open on New Year’s Eve and Day.

Canon will be open Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve (if you want dinner for the latter you need to arrange tickets).

Elysian Brewing Company will be open till 5 on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve but closed Christmas and New Year’s Day.

Liberty Bar is open all four days.

Ditto Linda’s Tavern, with lights going on at 5pm on Christmas Day.

The Redwood is open for regular business on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve, and open from 6pm–2am on Christmas Day and New Year’s Day.

The Saint will open only for New Year’s Eve.

Smith is open Christmas Eve, New Year’s Eve, and New Year’s Day.

The Tin Table is open every day but Christmas.

Sun Liquor will be open all four days.

Vermillion is open Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve, closed on Christmas and New Year’s Day.

  • Bako: “We’re open NYE 4-9 pm, closed Xmas Eve, Xmas Day and NY Day.”
  • Amy Haldane from Cure shares her plan:

cure holiday hours: 

  • Saturday Dec 24 (Ghristmas Eve):  4pm – at least midnight.  If business warrants, we will keep the drinks flowing until 2am.
  • Sunday Dec 25 (Christmas Day):  closed
  • Monday Dec 26:  closed (as usual)
  • The BottleNeck and Tommy Gun will be open on Christmas Eve.  Both bars will be closed on Christmas Day.”
  • Grim’s: “We are open on Christmas Eve!”
  • Calf and Kid: “We’re here for you this holiday season! Open regular hours all week, 10-2 on Christmas Eve, then closed 12/25 and 12/26.”
  • Eltana: “We’ll be closed OPEN Christmas Day, December 25th. See hours below –December 24 – Regular Hours (7am-4pm) December 25 – Limited Hours (7am-2pm)”
  • If you have information to add, just tweet the business, the dates and the times to @jseattle with the hashtag #chsopen and your message will be added below:
  • Tweet details with hashtag #chsopen to appear in this feed:

    Because history repeats, here's last year's 2010 roster assembled by CHS -- we haven't verified these for 2011

    Bars/ Eats
    11th Ave
    Purr 7pm to 2am 15th Ave
    The Canterbury (15th St) 10am to 2pm, Christmas Dinner service starts at noon
    Chutneys Grille on the Hill (15th) 4pm to 9pm
    Liberty Bar (15th) 4pm to 2am
    22 Doors (15th) 2pm to 2am
    Teapot Vegetarian House 4pm to 8pm

    JUST ADDED: Neighbors 9pm to 4am
    Mirch Masala 11am to 10pm
    Jai Thai  noon to midnight
    Gyro World 11am to 9pm
    Galerias 11am to 10pm
    Rom Mai Thai 11:30am to 10pm
    Tacos Guayamas (near Pike) 10am to 10pm
    La Cocina y Cantina 11am to 11:59pm
    Julia's 9am to 3pm
    Pho Cyclo 10am to 10pm
    Charlie's 2pm to midnight
    Teriyaki Wok 10:30am to 8pm

    Pony 8pm to 2am 
    Madison Pub 6pm to 2am
    Chop Suey 9pm to 2am
    IHOP from the night before to 2pm  Pike
    Majaraja (near Harvard) 11am to 2:30pm
    Rosebud (near Harvard) 5pm to 2am --> may close early if not busy
    Subway (Pike and Harvard) 8am to 7pm
    Little Shanghai (above QFC, at Harvard) 11am to 9pm
    Bimbo's Cantina, bar only 7pm to 2am 
    The Lobby Bar 5pm to 2am 
    The Unicorn 11am to 2am -->may only be open in evening, there were conflicting Facebook posts
    The Wildrose 9pm to 2am
    Oasis (Pine and 11th) opens between 3pm & 5pm, closes between 9pm & 10pm
    Big Mario's Pizza 5pm to 4am

    Pho Tai (@ Melrose) noon to midnight --> may close early if not busy
    Baltic Room (at Melrose) 9pm to 2am
    Capitol Club 9pm to 2am
    R Place 2pm to 2am
    Hot Mama's Pizza (@ Boylston) 9pm to midnight
    Chapel Bar (on Melrose) 5pm to midnight
    The Cuff (@ 13th) 5pm to 2am
    611 Supreme (near Boylston) 10pm to 2am
    Linda's 7pm to 2am

    Olive Way
    Living Room (near Melrose) 4pm to 2am
    Crescent Lounge noon to 2am
    Clever Dunne's 2pm to 2am
    Redwood (actually on Howell  & Summit, but close enough) 7pm to 2am
    The Elite 4pm to 2am 
    Glo's midnight through the next/Sunday morning
    Captain Blacks (actually on Belmont near Olive, but close enough) 8pm to 2am

    Summit Pub 4pm to 2am
    Sun Liquor 7pm to 2am (they have tasty nog!)

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    9 years ago

    Did the Seattle Metropolitan think the gay grinch canceled Christmas on the Hill? Must have cause it looks like they seem to think that nobody on Capitol Hill will be or will want to be patronizing gay watering holes or restaurants.

    9 years ago

    The Lookout will be open Christmas and New Years as well.

    9 years ago

    The Bus Stop bar on Olive Way has not been closed one day since it opened in December, 2008. They’ll be open Christmas Eve, Christmas day, New Year’s Eve and New Year’s day.

    9 years ago

    Big Mario’s New York Pizza and Lounge is open from 11am – 4am Christmas Eve, and 11am – 2am Christmas day. Pizza, drinks, and football.

    The 5 Point Cafe is always open and will be serving a special Christmas prime rib dinner in addition to the regular menu all day Christmas Day. The bar opens at 6am Christmas morning, so come drink before you have to see your family. And we’ll be showing all those xmas football games and probably ‘A Christmas Story’ too.

    9 years ago

    Chungee’s is open Christmas Eve. Stop by! Closed Christmas Day.

    9 years ago

    La Cocina will be open Christmas Eve and Christmas the owner also informed me that they are clearing out ALL the tables for a HUGE NYE Latino dance party with DJs and lots of margaritas!

    9 years ago

    Linda’s opens at 7pm on Christmas night, not 5. And we’re open all day on Christmas Eve, from 10am-2am!

    9 years ago

    The Wildrose will be open Christmas Eve at 3 PM and Christmas Day at 7 PM

    Chris Daw
    9 years ago

    CC Attle’s will be open from 2pm-2am on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Years Eve and New Years Day. Our Kitchen will be open from 3pm through 10pm on those dates.

    jeff buckley
    9 years ago

    The Hideout on First Hill (@ Boren & Madison) will be open on Christmas day!

    9 years ago

    Just went by the Unicorn, but door was locked. If xmas hours were going to be different I wish they would have specified above :(

    9 years ago

    “Chapel Bar (on Melrose) 5pm to midnight” ? They closed…