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Capitol Hill’s Lucky 8’s China House to open New Year’s Day

It looks like Lucky 8’s will be part of our 2012 year in review restaurant highlights. After our talk with chef Justin Strnad about his project’s push for a 2011 debut, the buzz following Wednesday night’s VIP preview at the 14th and Union restaurant is that Lucky is likely to be open for business starting Sunday, New Year’s Day 2012.

Lucky 8’s is part of the Oola Distillery complex built out of the old La Panzanella Bakery space but its main entry is on 14th Ave.

Sandwiched between bear bar Diesel and the under-construction Zoe, another 2012 debutante, Lucky 8’s will feature Strnad’s renditions of what they are calling “traditional” Chinese/American fare — including takeout and, eventually delivery.

Lucky 8’s joins 12th Ave’s Chungee’s in offering Chinese cuisine of the take-out or sit-down variety. Broadway’s Bako fills out the fancier end of the spectrum on north Broadway. UPDATE: Don’t forget Little Shanghai in the Harvard Market shopping center. We did. These guys are opening soon, too.

It should be another busy week for food and drink as we’re hearing talk of another project joining Lucky 8’s in planning to open any minute now on Capitol Hill. More on that soon.

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9 years ago

There is also that place atop the Harvard Market QFC which, in my opinon, is leaps and bounds better than any food at Chungees. I know it’s not saying much, but that place has definitely got it covered for take out Chinese. They have your typical white people Chinese takeout items and then they have Mandarin and Cantonese specialties. They’ve also got a “healthy options” area of their menu with pretty tasty options. Oh, and did I mention that they are SUPER cheap? No? I really do recommend that place over Chungees (no, not “buzz marketing” as John Hodgeman would say). If you want some fast eat-straight-out-of-the-box Chinese cuisine, give it a try.

9 years ago

That Place atop the Harvard Market QFC should be its name. Little Shanghai. Thanks. I’ll make a note above.

9 years ago

I was just in Little Shanghai on Xmas day (when everything else was closed). Hadn’t been there in a long time, since I actually live closer to Jackson St now. The people that run it are SO nice. Last time I was there, the owner’s daugher was knee-high to a grasshopper. Fast-foward a year or two and she’s a big kid now. Damn, I feel old.

9 years ago

Ah yes, Little Shanghai. I might have to go there tonight.

Uncle Vinny
9 years ago

This link:

Doesn’t go to Little Shanghai info, does it?