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Employee reports finding briefcase full of pot left behind at Capitol Hill coffee shop

Somebody out there is in a lot of trouble — or you just missed out on a really amazing Winter Solstice gift. Whatever the reason for its existence, police were called to Capitol Hill’s Insomniax Coffee Tuesday afternoon after an employee reported finding a briefcase full of marijuana left behind at the 15th Ave E cafe.

We don’t have official confirmation on the contents of the case but whatever it was, police hauled it off to the evidence room a little after 4p.

No word yet on how the reported drugs ended up in the coffee shop on the Group Health Capitol Hill campus. We’re trying to reach nearby dispensary LifeVine Co-Op to find out if they know anything about the lost marijuana.

Hopefully it’s not part of any early get out the vote efforts.

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11 thoughts on “Employee reports finding briefcase full of pot left behind at Capitol Hill coffee shop

  1. Capitol Hillbillies, in the future, should you happen across untended briefcases full of high quality bud or other drugs — licit or illicit — please don’t take any chances. Play it safe and contact the trusted and respected Etaoin Shrdlu Drug Disposal Service.

    There’s no need to bother the authorities. The Seattle Police are deeply embarrassed by the Department of Justice report last week alleging excessive and unconstitutional use of force, and they’d rather not be seen in public just now.

    Our rates are always reasonable. We may even arrange a pick up, depending on drug volume and quality. You need never doubt that we take drugs very seriously at the Etaoin Shrdlu Drug Disposal Service.

  2. I’m sorry, but that’s mine. I have the MMJ card to prove it. I’ll be glad to come by and take it off the hands of the authorities.

  3. They called the cops?! For marijuana? ugh wtf

    Only a real drone responds to finding a bag of cannabis by calling SPD. Seriously, only tools pull stunts like that. Next time take it home and toke it, for real.

    206 4 L peace i’m out

  4. I picked up on that also. Probably had to, uh, as part of their duty, uh, go and test it to be sure it’s **REALLY** marijuana and not something else.

    Had I found it, like many others here no doubt, I’d have taken it home just to make sure it didn’t get into the wrong people’s hands.

  5. Beetcha – as as we all know from decades of the same game – as evidence, no matter how much in confiscated in the “bust”, a small baggie emerges from the locker.(all snicker in the courtroom)

    Really? Yes, really.

    Ask anyone, except drones. Love that label for the un witted.

  6. Has your gear dried out yet from the corner camp? All those cold nights and driving rain – some sort of courage award in the face of adverse upon adverse challenge is in order.

    I enjoy your posts, if I find a pound or two, will call your service, after sample party of a giant circle of friends who are experts.

    Best for the Holidays – to ALL who read this merrie post.

    And Justin too. Take a day off. News will wait.

  7. A few years back I was walking down the street and I looked down and there was a HUGE bag of pot just sitting on the parking strip outside my building.
    I quickly picked it up, ran inside. I was so excited that I forgot to call the cops and just smoked it for weeks and weeks!

  8. Too bad they couldn’t just leave it with the owner, assuming they are chill but who knows, hypothetically speaking. Leave the bag with the owner of the place because I am pretty sure a returning customer would come back looking panicked and looking for “something”. You don’t leave that shit behind….party foul.