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You can now buy Capitol Hill ice rink tickets — But we’re giving a few away

The Capitol Hill skating rink debuts next Tuesday morning and we know some of you can barely wait to land your first triple lutz in Cal Anderson Park. Tickets for an hour on the ice went on sale today at nearby neighborhood locations Caffe Vita, Elliott Bay Book Co.,  and Cure. You’ll be able to buy tickets at these venues with cash or credit card through the month. Purchases at the rink will require a credit card.

To help celebrate the new Hill holiday feature, CHS is giving away three pairs of tickets. All you have to do is post a comment with some useful advice for any skating newbies out there — of, if you’re a newbie, tell us what you’d like to hear for your preferred skating routine music. We’ll select three winners randomly Friday 12/2 at noon. Please make sure to use a legit email address. Happy holidays!

Open December 6th – 24th from 11AM – 10PM

Rink is tented – Open rain or shine!

$12 for adults, $6 for children 8 yrs and under for 1 hour – includes skate rental

You are welcome to bring you own skates, however price remains the same

Tickets available for advanced cash purchase at the following locations:

Caffe Vita 1005 East Pike Street 
Mon-Fri: 6am – 11pm

Elliot Bay Book Company 1521 10th Ave 
Mon-Thurs: 10am – 10pm, Fri & Sat: 10am – 11pm, Sun: 10am – 9pm

Cure 1641 Nagle Place 
Tues – Sun: 4pm-close


Private Events

Rent the entire rink for your company or personal party. $2K for 2 hours – entire rink to yourselves!

Contact Erin for details:

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  1. It is always nice to take a tour through the decades with upbeat happy music!

    Nothing helps those little bumps and mishaps than a reinforcing “Straight Up” by Miss Paula Abdul or if you are dreaming about sunshine days gone past a Beach Boys “Kokomo” and if you are looking for a little flirtation on the ice — lip sync for your date with “Call Me” by Blondie.

    Of course my favorite skate song is “Gloria” — Flashdance (1983) – Jeanie’s Skate Scene — by the big voice of Laura Branigan. I am going to start working on my Triple Salchow!

    Happy Holidays Indeed~ <3 FITMONKEY

  2. Don’t think of skates as being gender-linked. Everyone will have an easier time starting in bulky black “boy” skates than thin white “girl skates.” Skates meant for hockey or just recreational skating have better ankle support than skates meant for carving figures, and they are much are easier to learn on.

  3. Wear thick, tall socks. Lace your skates tight. Wear waterproof gloves and thick pants. (even if it’s not cold) because you’re going to fall down a bunch.

  4. If you’re not from Michigan or upstate NY, you should still give skating a whirl. Best advice for total beginner: Don’t try backwards skating until week 52. Have fun!

  5. You fall because you get tense and your body doesn’t have any flex. Relax, it’s fun and if you fall it’s hilarious. So just remember to keep your knees bent a little bit and take it slow until you get comfortable with the movement. It’s going to use muscles you’re not used to so you’ll be wobbly for a bit, just give your body a little bit to get used to it and you’ll be breezing along in no time.

  6. Hey beginners, always try to fall on your bum not your wrists, it’s much less breakable. If you want to stop without crashing into a wall try out a snow plow stop. All you have to do is bring your toes together a bit and then push your feet apart, easy, you can do it.

    I would love to skate to Bowie. Just look at those cat suits, you know they were meant to be on ice.

  7. can they be a minimal amount of “holiday” music? honestly, it gets crammed down our throats everywhere else, and there’s only one ice rink so it’s not like you can go to the non-christmasy ice rink instead….

  8. Since you’re almost certain to fall, be prepared for it: gloves for sure, and why not a pillow strapped to your behind (and covering your hips)? A sure bet would be to use the protective gear for roller-blading: knee protection, helmet, wrist and elbow guards. While you aren’t too likely to do the same damage as you can on roller blades (because you aren’t as likely to get going too fast), these devices plus a little padding on the hips/butt will spare you the possibility of a bruise or two at the least.

    And then have fun!

  9. As a nearby resident, I will be thrilled when this group of idiots with their loud blasting sound system packs up and gets out of town.
    Merry goddam Christmas, you turkeys. May you roast in Hell.