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CHS Pics | Five Fish Bistro sets sail bringing fish and chips to Broadway

We only twisted Pitre’s arm a little to get this picture (Images: CHS)

An effort 10 years in the making reaches an exciting goal today as Garnet Pitre opens her Five Fish Bistro on Broadway and adds yet another new restaurant to the Capitol Hill dining scene — this one with her fresh take on fish and chips.

The new bistro — located in the former home of UPS Broadway which has since moved up the street to the Joule — represents the next step in Pitre’s long career in the food and service industry. After her six years of making diners happy at the downtown Seattle Westin, Pitre said she is working with a rather unusual set of investors to make Five Fish a reality — honest to goodness friends.

With Pitre at the helm, the group of restaurant rookies is sailing forth with a bet that the restaurant can fill an unmet niche in the neighborhood’s busy restaurant scene. Compared to the bold varieties and sometimes hardcore approach to fish and chips taken by the only other dedicated Hill purveyor at Pike Street Fish Fry, Pitre’s fish is a lighter take. The restaurant also hopes to cater to alternative diets with an optional gluten free breading and tempura veggie options.

Five Fish is open today. Hours and a full release from Pitre on her new venture are below. A grand opening is planned for early February.

You can learn more (soon?) at

Five Fish Bistro, opening 1/11/12, is giving the north end of Broadway a new take on Fish and Chips with its seasonal fresh fish and local brews and wines. 

As the name implies, the eat-in or takeout bistro features five fresh fish daily. The fish and chips are made with a homemade batter, and deep-fried in peanut oil for a light and crispy exterior. The french fries come to life with a sprinkling of sea salt. The menu also includes a grilled fish option, appetizers, soups, salads and Po’ Boy sandwiches. There’s also a Peacemaker sandwich made with fried oysters. The name derives from the 19th century, when husbands coming home from a late night of carousing would bring one home to ease the rough reception from their wives. 

Five Fish will also be offering a gluten-free version of their fish and chips and a gluten-free beer. And for dessert, there’s nothing better than hot beignets on gray Seattle day.

The bistro features local beers on tap, like Mac n’ Jack and Manny’s Draft, and wines on tap, like Pinot Noir, Merlot, Pinot Gris and a sparkling wine. Wines can also be had by the bottle. 

Relaxed and fresh, the restaurant has a blue and sand interior with red accents. Sconces line the walls to create a well lit, yet easy on the eyes dining experience. The atmosphere is light-industrial with birch-colored benches, four-squares and high-tops which seat 50 comfortably. Seating can be rearranged to accommodate larger groups. Cut outs provide a view to the kitchen. In the summer, front panels open to outdoor seating.

The Grand Opening will be held on Tuesday, February 7th, from 4:00pm-7pm. The regular menu will be available, while tastings of several menu items will be passed around. Guests are invited to share a table, and purchase a glass of beer or wine to toast Five Fish Bistro’s opening. For those who stay out late, there’s always the Peacemaker.


Hours of Operation:
Tuesday-Thursday: 11 AM-9 PM
Friday & Saturday: 11 AM-10 PM
Sunday: 12 PM-9 PM
Monday: “Gone Fishin’” (closed)


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18 thoughts on “CHS Pics | Five Fish Bistro sets sail bringing fish and chips to Broadway

  1. …this block only has two Thai restaurants now – why not open a third?

    Actually, thank you for the refreshing change. I think this will be a good fit and I wish them every success. I only hope one can order something that doesn’t contain sugar (maybe the grilled fish?).

  2. Self control, just exercise it. If you can’t, don’t eat there. Simple solution for that. Everything can be bad for you in excess, and a healthy lifestyle involves portion control, healthy diet/eating, and exercise/lifestyle choices. You can’t blame a fish fry for making you obese – it’s not as though they’re deceptively trying to pitch their product as healthy or anything. I’m pretty sure most people know what they’re getting when they eat somewhere like this.

    That said, good luck to the business owners!

  3. Got to agree with Vic.

    Micro filtering each and every item that passes your lips, this is generally only done in a few developed countries who have zillions of dietary options. Think about it.

    Sensible eating and exercising are adequate strategies for about 96% of us.

    If someone’s diet is so restrictive, why eat at restaurants at all? You are annoying the people you came with as well as the server.

    Bottom line: one cannot know what is actually in food that one did not prepare themselves.

  4. OOof … yeah, I stopped off there and bought dinner. My SO had the catfish, and it was wonderfully breaded in cornmeal. I ordered cod, and somehow wound up with two orders of the stuff (note to potential diners: adjust your expectations to compensate for the usual new-restaurant awkwardness) and ate it all, and now I feel like I have DINED. I’ll go back.

  5. Got an order of the fish and chips to go. Tasted great, was priced decently, and didn’t leave the greasy feeling most places result in.

    Will be going here often.

  6. Not to throw a fly in the ointment, but Ms. Pitre has chosen to not take advantage of the Cleanscapes’ “dumpster-free” program, and instead has added 3 new containers (a dumpster and 2 recycle bins) to the already-crowded and cluttered container area at the south end of that building. That corner is chronically a mess, with garbage and other litter scattered around, and this will just make matters worse.

    I don’t understand why more business owners don’t go “dumpster-free.” It does not cost them more, and it is far more responsible for the neighborhood to do so. Please, Ms. Pitre, reconsider!

  7. My husband son and I tried it last night after reading this article in the blog. Delicious batter, fresh fish, great fries. My son loved his fish tacos. Manny’s ale and Mac and Jack’s on tap! No room for dessert, we must go back soon! In spite of being the first day in business, service was good, too! Welcome to Capitol Hill!

  8. We went yesterday, their first day open, and Garnet is charming and friendly and we are really glad that their is another fish place on the Hill since that’s the only meat we eat. Had the shrimp po’boy which had a great and lighter batter so we weren’t really full and the shrimp were large! The cole slaw was tangy and strong and not sweet and gushy with mayo; the sea salt fries were done really nicely. That there is gluten free, grilled fish and a veggie panini options is great and giving us a healthier choice if wanted.
    The only suggestions I would offer is to get bigger print on the giant menu over the kitchen and to ditch the cute little metal baskets the food comes in; they are rectangle and don’t really work very well and they are small and low. Why not go food compost-able, those baskets are odd.
    At any rate, welcome to the neighborhood and good luck!

  9. Have been reading about the build-out for this place, so looked forward to the opening. Stopped in last night, and glad I did. Beyond my once or twice a year attempt at making gluten free fish and chips, I haven’t had a real order for years now. And they did not disappoint. Nicely light on the batter. Fries were cripsy, just as I enjoy them.

    Very happy to have the gluten free option in the hood, and will be a regular moving forward.
    Tried the cod and catfish (which they can’t use the usual catfish seasoning in), but was still very happy.

    One thing I was puzzled about, was also the compost, or lack there of. I didn’t see a place to clean my own table. Not sure if they are composting but noticed that the containers they use for condiments are recyclable, but not compostable, as many have started to use in the city. Just something that I noticed, but not sure if things will change moving forward to the Grand Opening.
    Also hope some changes in the final menu board that is put up to represent all options available.

    In any regard, look forward to coming in and trying the gluten free sandwiches, Po Boy, Oh boy!

  10. Steady stream of customers but never overly busy. Service was great and food pretty darn good and very filling. Agree with the poster who said the menu print was too small – I was squinting and I’m in my 20s!

    For anyone wondering like I was – they’ll bring your food to you (you get a number after ordering at the counter) and they’ll also bus the table when you’re done.