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CHS Pics from the crowd | MLK weekend #seasnow on Capitol Hill

Our sprawling documentation of a snowy Sunday (and, sigh, thinking about Monday) on Capitol Hill is here. Your take on things — through photos and videos shared with CHS via Facebook, Twitter, the CHS Flickr pool and email — is below.

We’ve either labeled the items with their source or linked the files to their feeds. If we grabbed something you’d prefer we didn’t, let us know at [email protected]. Thanks for sharing! Stay warm!

The traditional Cal Anderson snowcock (via Hello Seattle)

(Image: John Feit)

(Image: John Feit)

snow serpent, originally uploaded by jillbertini.



snowy steps, originally uploaded by kl8n.


Madison, originally uploaded by irons.


Snow on Capitol Hill, originally uploaded by skyo.


Cal Anderson Park Snow, originally uploaded by Lookin4TallGuys.


Broadway, originally uploaded by zenobia_joy.


power’s out, originally uploaded by zenobia_joy.


Determined Bicyclist, originally uploaded by sea turtle.

IMG_2737, originally uploaded by erocsid.


SEATTLE SNOWPOCALYPSE, originally uploaded by ERIK98122.


SEATTLE SNOWPOCALYPSE, originally uploaded by ERIK98122.


L1330667, originally uploaded by kairuy.


L1330648, originally uploaded by kairuy.



(Image: Andy Ahlstrom)

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12 years ago

I loved all the pics. I love you Capitol Hill.

Be nice to everyone!


12 years ago

This really is the best neighborhood.

12 years ago

I saw them on olive way there’s a lot of them one guys carrying a huge boom box and another a bunch of balloons! They look they are having a great time and this weather isn’t slowing them down! I LOVE IT!

12 years ago

I couldn’t agree more – everyone was out having a pretty good time! And there were a lot of photographers out n about too – also very cool!

12 years ago

wearing a little jacket and little booties is the cutest thing ever!