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Disturbance from Volunteer Park light rail tunneling has apparently faded away

So far, it sounds like the Montlake Murmur won’t be a big problem on Capitol Hill.

Though some residents in the Montlake neighborhood continue to be plagued by the sounds of supply trains running up and down the tunneling tracks, the vibrations reported around Volunteer Park as the tunnel boring machine passed below earlier this month seem to have mostly faded away.

Candice, the woman we spoke to after a sleepless night for her Volunteer Park-are family, tells us that, fingers crossed, the vibrations seemed to have moved on with the tunnel machine.

“Very shortly after that we did not experience any more turbulence from the boring – just regular city life rumbling and grumblings,” she writes. “I’m hoping past experience in the Montlake neighborhood doesn’t come true and that we don’t feel/hear supply trucks in a coupe of weeks.”

Three other households around Volunteer Park who reported less severe vibrations say that the disturbance has also passed for them.

On Wednesday night, Sound Transit official addressed a meeting of a Montlake community group and said that it was too early to measure the effectiveness of their most recent attempts to reduce the noise of supply trains traveling beneath the area. They also said the vibrations could continue through the end of the year given the current construction schedule and six months of “cross tunneling” that will be needed to connect the two light rail passages for fire safety requirements.

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  1. Its changes though, now more of a heavy clunk, like laden trains crossing a break in the rail. I hear them every 15 min or so at night when the rest of the world sleeps. Can’t hear of feel during the day over the normal sounds of the day.

  2. So, for one night you felt rumbling around your house and you automatically assume it is a tunnel boring machine hundreds of feet below and hundreds of yards away from you?

    Is there even a slight chance that there was something else causing this rumbling, perhaps?

  3. We have better things to do in this neighborhood than monitor our basement seismometers for monsters. We’re going about our lives, not writing chain letters petitioning for tweaking 520 or the tunnel.
    Sure, the giant mole will raise some hell….but it moves on.
    It can’t wait to get to Dick’s.

  4. I’ve lived in ths house over 40 years, I think by now I know every single noise my house can make, from tweakers trying to break in to tunnel moles under the earth.

    Btw, they are Pretty loud today, one just went by.