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Donate your old iPhone for Capitol Hill kid photo project

Cracked iPhone, originally
uploaded by magerleagues.

Friendly neighborhood tech geek David Kail is pulling together an education project and is seeking some interesting donations — your old iPhone. Can you help? Get in touch at

Do you have an old, retired V1 iPhone that’s just gathering dust? I am planning to teach an iPhone photography course to elementary school kids in January (Stevens Elementary), and need to get 10 handsets to loan out to the students. I would be so grateful if you were willing to donate (or loan!) your old device. Donors will receive a handome print created by one of my students :)

A little more about the class:iPhones are amazing communication devices, but ironically, they often have the result of isolating the user from the world (texting, gaming, videos, etc). Young children are especially susceptible: they’re drawn like moths, but mostly for passive entertainment. I want to harness iPhone’s power and ubiquity to spur kids to interact with the world in spontaneous, creative ways via a school-sponsored enrichment course for grades 2-5 in iPhone Photography. I need to initially get 15 iPhones to loan out to kids for 2 month course. When I have done this a couple times I will publish my curriculum and device acquisition strategy so other schools (Montlake Elementary) can repeat this course!

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