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Last chance for public input on changes to 15th and Madison triangle park

McGilvra Place Park, the triangle park at 15th and Madison, is getting an overhaul, and the final public input meeting is Monday January 9 at Seattle Academy. The park is across the street from the under-construction green office building project, the Bullitt Center.

In its project update, Seattle Parks reports that Monday night’s meeting will unveil the final design concept for the redesign of the green space:

Thanks to all who attended the first public meeting November 14th!

At this first meeting Parks design team presented three concepts for the renovation (see below) and gathered community feedback for the final schematic design for the project.

In January we will present the schematic design for the renovation of McGilvra Place Park and gather additional feedback.

You are encouraged to attend and join in the planning for this new public space project.

We’ve included the three preliminary schematics below though they’re not terribly interesting. You can review this PDF for notes from the first session capturing public feedback on the three design concepts to get a better sense of what is being planned. There is also an updated project schedule. Construction is slated to begin in mid-2012.

Schematic Plan Options1-3

The McGilvra Place Park Project is funded in part by a $364,000 grant from the Seattle Parks Opportunity Fund process -- we documented the five projects receiving Opportunity grants here. The Seattle Parks Foundation also has provided a "fiscal sponsorship" for the project.

Details on Monday's meeting from Seattle Parks:

Seattle Parks and Recreation invites the community to participate in the final design meeting for the community initiated McGilvra Place Park project on Monday, January 9, 2012 at 6 p.m. at Seattle Academy, 1432 15th Ave. 

Seattle Parks will present the schematic site design, answer community questions and gather further input. The schematic design incorporates information gathered from the first public meeting held in November.  

This project provides for a more accessible and usable site, which demonstrates alternative green construction methods and reviews the possibility of a pedestrian oriented street at 15th Avenue between East Madison and East Pike streets. The project site is located at the intersection of East Madison Street, East Pike Street, and 15th Avenue. 

This project is one of 15 projects to receive funding through the first round of the Parks and Green Spaces Levy Opportunity Fund. The Opportunity Fund provides $15 million in funding for community initiated park development or property acquisition projects.

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9 years ago

I never use the park but it has a lot of value just to pass by it and see it due to the large trees. It’s a much needed greenspace in a fairly urban setting.

Ernest Tee Bass
9 years ago

I agree. Keep the trees Seattle.

9 years ago

I still think that the park is just fine as it. Surely they can find somewhere else to spend our money?

9 years ago

I agree. This isn’t a park that will be used by anybody except homeless people to sleep in, as it is now. Paving half of it with sidewalks will only make it harder to sleep. Leave it alone and leave them alone.

9 years ago

I like the park as a green oasis. Madison traffic means it will NEVER be a hangout, noise, noise, noise and bad air. Would you go there for a picnic? Cal Anderson is just a few blocks away.

So a park created by a friend of Abe Lincoln MUST be changed, “modernized” to the tune of over $300,000. and counting. And of course the lower social class will be chased off in favor of highly paid green business employees, etc.

Seems like we really do not like our history at all. All bluff and no walk.

9 years ago

It does need the update and renovation – go look at it. Cracking walls, poor drainage, noone but a few dogs ever use it that I’ve seen.

With a new design and better programmed use like seats, residents and office/retail workers nearby can go for lunch and enjoy the park.

Quit complaining and pretending you know everything everyone! Maybe for once the Parks Dept did their research and chose wisely, did you ever think that?!