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New ownership readies a revamped Capitol Hill Times

Starting soon — likely in February — a revived Capitol Hill Times will begin publishing new weekly editions, CHS has learned.

“Our plan is to revamp the paper and make it relevant again,” new editor Stephen Miller told CHS. Miller said RIM Publications recently acquired the Capitol Hill Times and is planning a re-launch that should go to the printers for the first time by the end of this month.

The long-time neighborhood newspaper has gone through rough times in recent years after being snapped up in an acquisition designed to keep its former owner Pacific Publishing afloat. Pacific retained operational control of the paper but, like many in the dead tree end of the business, struggled and eventually canned its dedicated Capitol Hill staff in favor of a centralized approach that syndicated much of its content across its Seattle properties. Last week, Pacific announced it would shutter its South Seattle Beacon and North Seattle Herald-Outlook brands to concentrate its efforts on the City Living publication.

RIM acquired the Capitol Hill Times brand and apparently the paper’s archive of content in a recent deal for undisclosed terms. It began advertising a search for interns for its Capitol Hill publication in October. Editor Miller, a 14th Ave resident himself, said the revamped Times will boast writers from the neighborhood while keeping some of the familiar voices from the old Capitol Hill Times on board.

Miller also said a revamp of is planned. As for competition with CHS, Miller said he hopes to find ways for the two publications to, if not work together, co-exist and possibly complement each other.

“You guys do a good job here,” he said of CHS’s years covering Capitol Hill. “I’m envious of your readership. The area is large enough and interesting enough for another voice.”

RIM Publications is a Bellevue-based company. It also operates newspapers in communities including Eatonville and Monroe as well as the Sun Weekly in Hawaii and the Oregon Legal Journal, according to this report on the company’s recent acquisition in the bustling burg of Kuna, Idaho, population 15,210.

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A Neighbor
9 years ago

Would be to remove the banner shot from QA (our nemesis) on their home page and replace with a shot of Capitol Hill, or at least something from the hill. Hard to take a site about the hill seriously when the opening page is a picture of something else. But what do I know.

9 years ago

“our nemesis”

…that was awesome.

9 years ago

I’m not sure a neighborhood newspaper is needed anymore, now that CHS is providing news on a daily, and sometimes hourly, basis….and also a very lively comment section. I wish the Capitol Hill Times well, but can’t help but think the effort is doomed, for lack of advertisers. I’d be interested in others’ opinion on this.

Robert Ketcherside
9 years ago

You can’t wrap a fish in CHS.

Robert Ketcherside
9 years ago

Reminds me of the Tukwila commercial from 5-6 years ago that featured the Space Needle.