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‘Occupied’ Central District house cleared in early morning raid

The occupied Central District duplex that has been home to a band of protesters, Occupiers and anarchists since November is, again, empty following an early morning raid. According to neighbors in the area, police and sheriff’s deputies arrived early Wednesday morning to clear the Turritopsis Nutricula house:

Central District News: Police clear occupied house at 23rd and Alder

“The anarchist house is being forcibly evicted by SPD this morning, starting @4:15 am. There must be 25 police vehicles blocking off 23rd ave. At 4:25 the police repeatedly announces over loudspeaker that they were court ordered to leave, and could do so without being arrested, but ‘bad things’ would happen to them if they didn’t comply.” Full coverage from CDN >>

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14 thoughts on “‘Occupied’ Central District house cleared in early morning raid

  1. Boy, crime is rampant in the South end, and the cops can spend this kind of resources for a few squatters …. beyond belief.

    And what is the shot gun thing? One must wonder about command in this type of over the top action. Of course when one of the guns is used on a protester or a trigger happy cop shoots another cop … all will be so sad. Guns should be used very carefully, advice from my dad. (first beebee gun)

  2. Seeing as how this is the same group that is advocating killing police and has declared an “open war” and is likely affiliated with a lot of the recent fire bombings and attempted arsons of our nearby banks, why shouldn’t the police bring their guns. These domestic terrorist have had the tactical advantage inside that house since its inception. I wouldn’t put it past any of these anarchist to set up booby traps throughout their barricaded jelly fish.

  3. I would imagine they were carrying bean bag rounds or some other less-than-lethal round. They were entering a boarded/chained up house and had no idea what to expect on the other side. Maybe in your world they should’ve just knocked and offered cookies and tea, but here in the real world when criminals are doing something illegal the police use the necessary force (or show of force) to resolve the situation.

  4. As someone who lives in the neighborhood, I much prefer a single 4:15am disruption than the continued disruptions and crime that the “occupiers” brought to my neighborhood. I’m very glad that these inconsiderate jerks are gone. They were horrible neighbors.

  5. It’s not a cops job to get shot first. Shotguns are ideal weapons for clearing a house, if there are locked doors they can use to blow hinges and locks. Would you rather they used small sub machine guns? Harder to bang locks, but they are much more efficient killing machines if that’s what the SPD was after. No need to pump to reload and you can just shoot right through the walls and any small caliber body armor they might have scavenged (which if you read the OS minutes, was suggested by some).

    Good job SPD! Curious what happens to that property now?

  6. I would bet at least some, if not many, of these people were associated with the anarchist group(s). While the Occupy protestors have been non-violent, you can’t say that about the anarchists. Given that they have specifically claimed responsibility for arson and vandalism at bank bldgs, it’s hardly a shock police would come equipped with force.

  7. Do you live in the neighborhood, etaoin shrdlu? I’m betting the overwhelming majority of people that really do live there are in agreement with Neighbor on Spruce.

  8. I wish that was true. They’ll be back in the spring. There is not much coverage in the news but the OWS people are still in the cities around the country. 300 of them just showed back up in NY.