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The CHS 2012 Soup Swap — Full soup ahead

We’re not going to run the damn thing but we’ll gladly show up to trade soup. Diana has graciously volunteered to host the party at Vermillion on Saturday, January 21st, International Soup Swap Day. Now we just need you to RSVP to be part of the great CHS Soup Swap of 2012. For more on swapping soup, see the latest Capitol Hill Cooks from the weekend. The basic concept: You make six quarts of soup in your biggest pot. You freeze it in six separate 1-quart containers. You get together with your best pals. You trade your soup.

First, we need somebody to step forward and be the chief CHS Soup Swapper to help us organize the event. Let us know at if you are up for helping us make the swap happen. Duties entail getting involved with organizing logistics and being chief at the big swap to make sure things run super smoothly.

Second, sign up here on the Facebook event page to be part of the fun today. We’ll figure out how to deal with sign-up deadlines and the number of participants later. The good news is it only takes two to swap soup. Everything else is, well, gravy. If you prefer a more intimate soup swap, check out the comments here for some other area swaps you might be able to crash or, hey, start your own.

Click for the Facebook event page

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Michelle F
9 years ago

This is a fabulous idea! If I didn’t have so many food allergies, I’d be all over it. I hope someone steps up to make it happen – food swaps are a great way to add diversity to your diet without adding dishes to clean up. Bravo!

Michelle F
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