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As Linda’s turns 18, Tallulah looks for what comes next

Tonight, Capitol Hill’s Linda’s is celebrating that birthday when we, legally at least, pass into adulthood. Happy 18 years on E Pine. It’s worthy of note, CHS thinks, that there’s a kind of mirrored event also going on within the Linda Derschang empire. Tallulah Anderson is clearly already a grown up. But as her mother’s pioneer tavern celebrates the major milestone, Anderson tells CHS she is setting out for something new after also being part of the Derschang food and drink family:

I worked within my mother’s company while I was in school, both on the floor and doing new media for Oddfellows and Smith, and then immediately after graduating went straight into working full time in the office. As much as I love my mother, sometimes it was just a little much (see attached picture). It felt like time for a break, time for some sort of change, or maybe just time for a boss that isn’t my mother. I am considering some freelance PR/marketing work but I also miss working on the floor, so I’m very open to whatever comes my way. Either way it’s all very exciting! Feel free to include my contact information if you decide to write something (

So, there you go. Linda’s has turned 18. And Anderson won’t be unclogging toilets any longer. Or, at least, she’ll be unclogging new ones.

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12 thoughts on “As Linda’s turns 18, Tallulah looks for what comes next

  1. Talullah is a charmer and one smart cookie. Any company will be lucky to have her as an employee. Best of luck –

    And happy birthday to Linda’s! You don’t look a day over grunge…

  2. What a naysayer! Linda’s passion for Seattle and her cultural contributions through killer spaces and bars has made this town better. I can only hope that some of that genius has trickled down to Tallulah. Frankly I am excited to see what she comes up with.

  3. You’ve made other noise in this direction before, chim. It’s notable that you who seem to have some understanding of our business and our journalism seem blind to how aggressively we cover news in the neighborhood and how little regard the site shows for preserving itself by being “business friendly.” We’re Capitol Hill friendly. I cover the shit out of this neighborhood. When I learn something interesting, chances are it’s going to get published here. If you don’t think she’s an interesting neighborhood character and this interesting character is making an interesting move, fine. Maybe I made the wrong call. But I doubt it. Additionally, since when the fuck does Linda hand out drink tickets? Yours truly, jseattle

  4. Christ on a bun, J. Thought the drink tickets would have given it away. Sometimes the guy on stage gets heckled. And you have the mic. Lighten up.

    … alcoholic anon member deadpan voice …

    Hi. My name is chim. I love CHS and I love J. He does a great job. I read the blog more than all the time. I especially appreciate it that he does his work with a wry sense of humor. Well, until now.

    … end aamdv …

    And I mean that. But if lil ol’ me gets under your skin, you may be in the wrong business.

  5. What’s the over/under wager on how long it will take this obviously very spoiled little girl with no real world experience to be back sucking on her mother’s tit? My bet is about as long as Kim Kardashian’s marriage lasted. If that. This is so not newsworthy.