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Breaking news — Underwear world record set on Capitol Hill

Walking around Pike/Pine, you’ll sometimes find those private parties where you can’t help but wonder what the hell is going on and why weren’t you invited. At one party on Capitol HIll last week, a woman set a world record involving her panties:

The Guinness World record was 250. Janine Keblish topped that by two pairs of underwear. Why? Keblish wanted to bring attention to a cause she’s involved with, Days for Girls.

A few years ago Keblish and Celeste Mergens discovered a shameful secret on a trip to an orphanage in Kenya – a total lack of feminine hygiene products for young women.

The undergarments were piled on last Thursday night at Sole Repair. The KING 5 clip below will show you more of the world record setting attempt.

You can learn more about Days for Girls at

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