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Capitol Hill Cooks | 12th Ave chef crowdsources funds for cookbook app, shares recipe

With restaurants like Skelly and the Bean’s community fundraising and even established players like Zoe avoiding bank loans as much as possible with membership opportunities to raise much needed capital, another Capitol Hill chef has called to the crowd to back his expansion into the digital cookbook world:

This will not be a traditional cookbook. It will be an app for both Apple and Android platforms, featuring over 90 of John’s recipes inspired by the Pacific Northwest, beautiful photography, step-by-step instructions, and videos of John in the kitchen and in the field. An eBook and limited edition print version will follow.

John Sundstrom is taking pledges to back his $33,000 project to create a Lark cookbook experience for both online and offline home chefs. He zoomed through his goal $10, $25 and, sometimes, $1,000 at a time in less than a week. But you can still join more than 300 others and get involved if you want to help — and be invited to the party.

“Focusing on do-it-yourself publishing and new/mobile media will allow for more dynamic content than the traditional publishing model, and for input from the friends, local partners, and community that have helped shape the Lark experience over the last eight years,” the pitch for pledges reads.

Sundstrom has already raised more than $35,000 with promises of having your name included in the acknowledgments for $10 pledges up to a personal dinner party for anybody willing to pony up $5 grand. Three people have taken Sundstrom up on that, by the way.

The Seattle Times talked to Sundstrom about his project:

“If you’re a Food Network person or you’ve got multiple restaurants in a big city, you’re going to be a very attractive person to deal with” from a publisher’s view, Sundstrom said. But he felt like “a pretty small player” who might need a different way to do things. He started wondering what other avenues he could pursue.

The result is his plan to put the best of 12th Ave’s Lark on your bookshelf — and in your pocket.

In Capitol Hill Cooks-style, we asked Sundstrom for a preview of one of his recipes. We like to substitute straight $20 bills for the truffles but you might want to splurge.

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9 years ago

Does anyone know if the app will be free? If so – count me in for $10.

If not, I don’t see why I should donate to a for-profit business idea. That’s what banks and loans are for.