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CHS Pics | If a tree falls on Capitol Hill and doesn’t hit any parked cars…

Frequent CHS Flickr Pool contributor sea turtle makes a point. Or something. But, yes, a tree has fallen along Belmont Ave E’s downward slope off the northwest side of Capitol Hill. Yes, it’s been there for days. Being a little pinched for time, we haven’t made any calls about it so don’t know SDOT’s plan — or if it’s already been dealt with. We also turned the question of what kind of tree it is (or was) to the social media arborists at

Let the debate begin.

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Sluggo sez
12 years ago

No doubt some moron will ride his bike down the sidewalk without a light at an excessive speed and brain themselves. They will sue the city for their own stupidity and win because corporations (i.e. the city) are expected to have a higher morality (i.e. more money) than individuals.

etaoin shrdlu
etaoin shrdlu
12 years ago

Yes, sound being defined as oscillating pressure waves propagating through a solid, liquid, or gaseous medium.

But to get that fallen tree removed, I guess we need to make some noise.

12 years ago

they cut down a few trees south of that “pond” in Voulenteer Park, the view from the donut would be world-class spectacular.

12 years ago

Trees on hills are very important to erosion. They might be there for that reason.

There are many accounts of property owners cutting down trees that are in the way of their view, and having their house slide down the hill during a bad storm.