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Good News from Metro for Now

Dear Bus 2 Riders:
In case you have not seen it, below is the email announcement from Metro about the current status of Routes #2, #4, and #27 for this round of restructuring.Thank you for your help in communicating our collective comcerns to Metro.
We anticipate there will be furthur considerations of changes/modifications at some point in the future. Let us know if you don’t want to be notified by Bus2Riders when we learn Metro is taking up this issue again. We will keep this email active and send out a notification to the list when we hear that there are new issues or opportunities for comment regarding route #2.  If you aren’t already on the list and want to you can still email to be included on the list.
If you haven’t expressed your concerns to Metro, it wouldn’t hurt to send them in before Feb 29 at and/or fill out their questionnaire, so Metro has a more complete understanding of riders’ concerns. You can also attend one of the remaining Open Houses to learn more. This is the link to the calendar Please contact Carol Gordon,, if you wish to participate in the Ralley on the #2/#13 to Metro’s Queen Anne Community Center Open House on Feb 23 shortly after 5PM.
Also it would be appropriate to express your thanks to Metro for listening to the community’s concerns and for removing the changes to the #2 for now.
Thank you again for your participation.
All the Bus 2 Riders and Supporters
Date: February 17, 2012 2:07:34 PM PST
To: “Obeso, Victor” <
Subject: Route 2 Update
Thank you for taking the time to participate in our outreach process for the September 2012 service change – your input has been very valuable.
We undertake our outreach efforts to develop a better understanding of how the community uses our services, so that the changes we propose balance the needs of riders of a particular route with the needs of current and future riders of our entire system.
The proposals Metro presented for feedback were designed to improve the efficiency of our service to serve more people to more places. Talking with you and others helps us understand how existing service is an important part of your lives and neighborhoods. When proposals include long established high ridership routes within a diverse and multifaceted setting, public outreach helps Metro weigh technical considerations with human factors.
We have received valuable feedback. We’ve heard that there are factors that deserve further review, analysis and understanding. As a result, Metro has decided to postpone the route 2, 4 and 27 proposals. Issues were raised of coverage and traffic congestion on Madison Street, and more information about the unique travel needs of those that live and work in the area is needed. For now, we are not proposing to change existing routing of this set of routes. Instead, we are proposing to just make small adjustments to the frequency and running hours of routes 4 and 27 consistent with demand.
You can expect to see updated web content and materials detailing a recommended proposal in mid-March. You can send us comments by email at, or phone our message line at 206-263-9768.

Manager, Service Development


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