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Regent Bakery and Cafe makes quiet debut on Capitol Hill — UPDATE: Pictures!

(Images: CHS)

With one legend of the Capitol Hill sweets world celebrating a decade in business, a legend from the Eastside is also celebrating this eighth day of February — the much anticipated (and slightly secretive) Regent Bakery and Cafe is planning a noontime debut at 14th and Pine.

CHS has confirmed that the new addition to upper Pike/Pine will open today for a quiet launch. If all goes well, expect to visit the new Regent Capitol Hill between 11a and midnight.

Thanks for the tips alerting us to the increased activity at the new cafe. Its backers have been mostly radio silent since CHS first told you about the plans for a second Regent last July.

Back then, we told you about the plan to turn the retail condo that was formerly home to the headquarters of the Online Coffee chain into an expansion of the legendary Redmond bakery.

“We are Asian style, made fresh every day,” Regent owner Teresa Loh told CHS in July.

She also said the new Capitol Hill Regent will be true to the original’s roots but more upscale and will cater to the Hill’s more vibrant nightlife with booze and cocktails. Loh said Regent Capitol Hill will serve Chinese dishes like salted fish diced chicken hot pot and chow fun with barbecue pork as well as sweet treats, tea and their popular cakes.

When we spoke with Loh in July, she had yet to visit the location for the new venture but had high hopes for what she expects to remain a bustling food and drink economy on the Hill. We’ve seen her at 14th and Pine often over recent months — the original plan was for Regent Capitol Hill to open in November — but we haven’t been able to get more updates on the project. We’re excited to step inside today, also.

UPDATE: A visit as the new space opened showed an operation in full motion. Loh said they’re ready to serve everything from their pastries and cakes to lunch to cocktails at the full bar. Way to hit the ground running.

We’re assuming you’ll see a lot of Regent in coming days — it’s a fun space to shoot with a huge display case of cakes and cake slices (slices run 3 bucks and change — whole cakes vary) and a wall of self-serve baked goods and pastries. For those, you grab a white tray, fill it up and head to the register. You can then sit or get your tray full of goodies to go.

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15 thoughts on “Regent Bakery and Cafe makes quiet debut on Capitol Hill — UPDATE: Pictures!

  1. To say this place has to work out the “kinks” after only being open an hour and a half is laughable. They are really on top of it. Granted, its not busy yet and they are going to be packed all the time.

    A little odd at first – I was expecting just a coffee/tea/bakery setup but the full menu was ready – real Chinese food. On the hill, finally.

    Self-serve pastries that melt in your mouth, very comfy – super nice people!

    I’m glad I got to go before people find out about it. Go now!

  2. This is great news! Capitol Hill could really use more ‘good’ bakeries and dessert places! QFC and Safeway just don’t cut it. I can’t wait to try them this weekend.

  3. I just had lunch here, they are still in their ‘soft opening’ stage. Super friendly and polite. The food was great- a huge portion of shrimp & bbq pork curry chow fun noodle for nine bucks…the place is really nice inside, they will do well, as there is nothing else like this in the ‘hood!

  4. Yeah I wish they’d open around 7 or 8 am but I’ll take what I can get. Hoping they’ll start making asian goodies (egg tarts and taro roll type things) like they do at their Redmond location, was kinda bummed not to score either of those yesterday, but the space is lovely and the staff is great.

  5. Went here for lunch today. This is a full scale Chinese restaurant! I thought they just had a few items to eat for lunch that would be behind a bakery case but was pleasantly surprised to see they had a full menu you would expect at any Chinese restaurant. The food was actually pretty damn good, easily the best Chinese food within miles IMHO. Thank goodness we don’t have to drive to the eastside for Chinese food anymore whenever we get a craving. I look forward to dining here and picking up takeout in the future and working thru the menu. Thanks for letting us know about this opening I would have never known about it otherwise!

  6. This place is awesome! It’s incredibly delicious! The cakes absolutely amazing! Has a really nice and comfortable atmosphere and the workers are really friendly! Definitely have to give this place a try.