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The Barboza set to rise from beneath Neumos in April

The design rendering for the bar in The Barboza (Image: Neumos)

To start the new year, we told you about a new lease that would keep Neumos rocking Pike/Pine through 2024 and a project underway to create a new stage and bar underneath the club. That venue has a new (to Neumos) booker and now it has a name and a launch date:

Our friends at Neumos have been busy this new year, and are very much looking forward to the opening of THE BARBOZA.  This sexy new venue, located in the lower level at 925 E. Pike Street, is slated to open April 18.

In the meantime, take a look at what’s on tap, and follow Barboza on Twitter for breaking news, show updates, and hot gossip.
Twitter: @theBarboza
Booking inquiries:

We’re still working on the story behind the name but either of these gentlemen would do as inspiration for the new venue that promises to be more intimate, more local and more raw than the action upstairs.

UPDATE:: Here’s the kind of answer you get when you ask rock and roll people a simple question. “It’s fun to say, and has BAR in it.” — Eli Anderson.

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