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Capitol Hill food+drink | Arabica ready to experience dinner, GINvitational, 1st scoop at D’Ambrosio Gelato

Arabica’s new table will soon feature dinner (Image: Arabica Lounge)

Does it feel like things just got really busy? Spring is springing and the food and drink economy is clearly getting to work. Just look at all these delicious notes, below. Got a question, idea or tip? Tip us!

  • The Arabica Lounge opened on E Olive Way in October 2010 and has earned its reputation as the most eclectic place on the Hill to have coffee. Owner Jojo Corväiá has always seemed as interested in the experience as the business. And, yet, the business continues — as do the experiences. The Lounge began adding simple but delicious house-made fare to its menu — small things like chocolate truffles, then more ambitious efforts like house croissants. Arabica bakes all of the offerings you’ll find in its case. Recently, Arabica dabbled with brunch. And, now, this week, aided by another Capitol Hill creative, Arabica is getting into the dinner business experience:

yes! arabica is opening for dinner! we are hosting a 3-night opening party: thursday march 22nd, friday march 23rd and saturday march 24th. no reservations necessary! show up and bring friends anytime between 5:30 and 9:30 pm.

we will be presenting a new cocktail menu featuring 12 house cocktails, along with a list of aperitifs, wine, and beer.  the menu is vegan friendly, and in general offers a beautiful selection of food that makes you feel good with the impeccable presentation that you would expect from us. our big stars are our platters with house-pickled vegetables, our chapati salads, and our italian hand made pastas. of course never miss arabica’s sweet happy endings. for more information about our dinner menu please visit  come join us!  for now our regular dinner hours will be Thursday through Saturday 5:30-10:00pm. 

Rachel Ravitch tells us she’ll be heading the effort in the kitchen for Arabica. Ravitch, you might recall, was part of the duo behind the Scenic Drive E Pike Factory which shut down after a year of craftiness. “Surprise!” Ravitch writes. “I also really enjoy cooking. It is very exciting and the menu will be very delicious,” she promises.

You can learn more about the opening dinner parties on Facebook. The menu — with several vegan selections — is above. Should be quite the experience.

  • Gin tasting. (Maybe) Spring(like) Saturday in Cal Anderson Park. Sounds good to CHS. Tickets are $35 at the door or you can go for free by spending $25 to join the society (<--- Do that! It's cheaper! And you'll finally belong to something!)

The Seattle Gin Society Presents the First Annual GINvitational 

A Spirits Judging and Tasting Event

The Seattle Gin Society’s first ever Ginvitational spirits competition featuring judged and members tasting. Awards given to the best Gins in four categories, all leading to the BEST WASHINGTON GIN award.


  • Best Washington Gin
  • Best Northwest Gin
  • Best Craft Gin
  • Best Open Gin

Save the Date! 
Saturday April 21
2:00 to 7:00 p.m.
Cal Anderson Park Shelter House
Capitol Hill 
Tasting from 2:00 to 6:00. Winners announced at 6:30. 

  • CHS recently told you about Eltana’s planned first expansion off Capitol Hill. Turns out, it will be the second. Stephen Brown says Eltana has also decided to be part of the new Armory concept at the Seattle Center joining others from Seattle’s local food scene including Skillet. Brown said an excellent deal from the city and the chance to work with architect firm Graham Baba made the offer too hard to pass up. Oh, also, you might be glad to know that Eltana has added lox — of sorts — following frequent requests in the CHS comments.

    (Image: Eltana and Graham Baba with permission to CHS)

  • Here’s what E Pike looks like in Manhattan.
  • Seattle Weekly talks to the artist in the kitchen at Restaurant Zoe.
  • With all of the attention the new kids on the block can get, we’re happy to share some news from the old school. CHS advertiser Bimbos announced that their own Joe Buser has been promoted to Head Chef — and he’s bringing back the lime Jello:

From his early years as an Alaska State Fair baking champion to his later years as a cook and brewer, Joe Buser has always had a fierce passion for food and flavor. Now, in just a few short years after joining the crew,Bimbos Cantina is delighted to announce Joe Buser as our new Head Chef. Sticking with the Bimbos “day one” tradition of fresh, organic ingredients, Joe introduces his new menu, which puts his own spin on the classics as well as a few new menu items. Of course there will still have something for everyone…carnivores, vegetarians & vegans alike!

By far the most extensive burrito menu in Seattle with over 30 different burrito options. 

Many folks will be thrilled to hear that “Lu Lu’s Lime Jello for dessert…only .50” is returning, just like the good old days.

All of the produce and products Bimbo’s and Cha Cha utilize are thoughtfully sourced and procured locally when possible.  And an environmentally conscious ideology permeates numerous aspects of their business, down to the compostable straws, take-out containers and wood bar picks. The menu concept at Bimbo’s revolves around using only using the very best ingredients in theirrecipes.  There is no lard used in the making of the pinto, black or refried beans.  In fact, every single menu item is completely vegetarian (except for, of course, the pepper-shredded beef, the pork verde, and the herb-roasted chicken).

Bimbo’s also has many vegan options, including a rotating daily special that features vegan adobe ground beef and vegan chipotle chicken. 

  • Yay. Healeo has new tables.

    (Image: Healeo via Facebook)

  • Former Sonic Gary Paton owns the Kingfish?
  • CHS advertiser Manhattan Drugs: Gay Seattle Scene’s Bill Gray vs. Seattle Weekly’s axe-swinger Hanna Raskin:

Manhattan Drugs — I’m Addicted To You

Say No to (Manhattan) Drugs


This week’s CHS food+drink advertiser directory

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10 years ago

the article says the former Sonic is PART owner, which has never been a secret. Sisters Leslie and Laurie are owners, too.

10 years ago

D’Ambrosio Gelato…HOLY CANNOLI!!! SO GOOD!!! Just went and got both the offered flavors. So tasty I can’t wait to go back!

10 years ago

I am so glad Cafe Kanape is finally getting some much deserved love. They are so very good and so very nice.
Get in there for weekend brunches and you’ll see. Once spring finally dawns up here the place is poised just right for early happy hour cocktails and snacks and nice sun-set walk up to volunteer park.

It’s just that location is in one of those unfortunate vortex’s on a curvy corner so they are easy to miss – right around the corner on North Broadway from the Kinko’s/FedEx.

Anyway. They need your support, people.