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CHS Pics | Capitol Hill’s Lincoln Park Bike Polo Grounds, 1909

What do the people in this photo of Capitol Hill’s Lincoln Park Playfield from 1909 have in common with the people milling about Cal Anderson today? They didn’t have any lights for their bike polo and dodgeball courts, either. CHS began this month by telling you the temporary outage of the lighting at the Bobby Morris sports courts would be over in a week. We were wrong. To end the month, Parks says there might be a few more weeks of delay:

City Light went to the site [last Friday] to make the connection, but found a major conduit issue that prevents the reconnection. Parks needs to install a new conduit in order to get the new connection to work. This may mean that we are out at least another week or two. We apologize for the delay.

In the meantime, polo players, etc. have to do things old-timey style — by daylight.

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3 thoughts on “CHS Pics | Capitol Hill’s Lincoln Park Bike Polo Grounds, 1909

  1. I love these photos, and glimpses back when. Clearly during prohibition, I wish booze were the only troubles going on in the park form the riff raff.

  2. Prohibition of alcohol in the US ran 1919-1933.

    The 1920s saw a massive rise in organized crime and social drinking. Laws don’t always have the effect intended.

  3. Wasn’t 1909 the year the Chicago ‘Black’ Sox threw the World Series to Cincinnati with ‘Shoeless’ Joe Jackson and the rest of ‘Eight Men Out’?

    Great times for Baseball history but not the greatest of times for Major League Baseball.