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Garfield High parents raffling electric car to pay for career/college counseling after budget cuts

We’ve shown you that this area has a longtime connection to electric vehicles. And we’ve shown you where some of the earliest charging stations were installed in the neighborhood. Here’s your chance to win one of those newfangled autos AND a free charging station AND help out those help-worthy kids at a public high school attended by many a Capitol Hill teen.

We’re not the biggest fans of the growing dependence of the public sector on private giving and we don’t know what they’ll do if an apartment dweller wins but what happens in Olympia ain’t the Garfield Bulldogs’ fault (and they’ve done their part to bring attention to it).

Take it away mom Christine:

Garfield High School here in Seattle, where my children are enrolled, has lost their college advising staff due to budget cuts. In response, they are trying to raise money via a NISSAN LEAF car sale. I am trying to get the word out. I’ve included a link to the school site The Call to Action: Enter to Win a Nissan Leaf

What is the car? It’s a new 2012 Nissan Leaf LV Electric Car, from Stadium Nissan.

What about the charger? Winner is eligible for a free charging station, to be installed at their house. 

What about taxes? There is no sales or use tax, thanks to state legislation! The car must be declared as income on the winner’s 2012 tax return; HOWEVER, the new Leaf owner also receives a $7500 federal income tax credit.

What are the odds of winning? 1 in 750

What is the ticket price? $100 each

Why the special raffle? Continuing drastic state budget cuts have all but eliminated career and college counseling services at Garfield. For the last two years, Garfield has had no college and career center whatsoever. The PTSA is working together with Garfield’s principal and the counseling office to open a “High School and Beyond” center that will aim to creatively use community resources as well as paid staff to meet the wide-ranging needs of Garfield’s students. 

How can I buy a ticket? Three ways: (1) Contact Eric Downs at [email protected], or Phil Sherburne at [email protected](they are running this part of the fundraising effort for the school—I have spoken to them and the school personally). (2) Watch for updates on this website about times and locations for viewing the car and purchasing tickets. (3) I will also be happy to collect for the tickets and deliver them to you. Just drop me a note. 

When/where will the winning ticket be drawn? At Garfield’s “Raise the Woof” all-school auction on March 31, at the UW Tower. You need not be present to win. You are welcome to register to attend HERE.

Thank you for your support! If you can think of anyone that might be interested, please feel free to share this message.

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12 years ago

Due to required procedures around raffles, purchases need to be done in person so it’s easiest to get involved by stopping by two raffle tables this weekend:
Saturday, Starbucks in Madison Park, 10a-2p
Sunday, High Spot in Madrona, 10a-2p

But you can also email the guys above to make arrangements.