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Capitol Hill food+drink | Quinn’s leads ‘grassroots’ Ides of May, the Social & EVO Tapas coming soon

Quinn’s Pub in Seattle, originally
uploaded by joeytrimmer.

Quinn’s Pub in Seattle, originally
uploaded by joeytrimmer.

There’s been a lull in what sometimes feels like a frantic rush to open new bars and restaurants on Capitol Hill. Never fear, food+drink news seeker, there is plenty more to come. Dance clubs and tapas bars, patisseries and cafes. Soon, impatient one. Soon. In the meantime, we’ll take a look at another mania altogether — and the calm solution to it dreamed up by one loose confederacy of restaurants.

  • CHS has documented some of the manifestations of the modern world of food+drink promotion hype here and there. From daily deals, to restaurant weeks and “national” days of celebration — National Eggs Benedict Day is today, by the way, so celebrate! — it’s all become rather ridiculous. But, like a breath of eggs benedict, a group of loosely-affiliated Seattle restaurants has come up with a goofy, old-timey promotion that seemingly does away with any hopes at business optimization in favor of doing something goofy, old-timey and fun.

“A few of us were talking about the prospect of doing a grassroots promotion – something without the need of ads or marketing overhead -something that was straightforward, low maintenance and had nothing to do with discount dining,” Quinn’s GM Regan Vaughn tells CHS. “And, more than anything, we wanted it to be about giving back to our loyal guests… and this is what came of it!”

Ides of May Giveaway
During these, the doldrums of Spring, 12 of Seattle’s best restaurants are coming together to bring you one huge giveway.

What: Dine at any participating restaurant and be entered to win a grand prize of $600 in Gift Certificates – $50 to each restaurant!! Not that lucky, you say? Don’t worry, there’s runner up prizes, too… $25 Gift Certificates to each restaurant, to be exact. 

Who’s: Quinn’s – Restaurant Zoe – La Bete – Matt’s in the Market – Marjorie – Spinasse – Walrus and Carpenter – Book Bindery – Harvest Vine – Madison Park Conservatory – Bitterroot BBQ – Little Uncle 

When: Tax Day (4.17.12) through Mother’s Day (5.13.12)

Details: Simply request a raffle ticket from your server or bartender when you come in to eat. Fill it out with all your appropriate contact info and turn it in at the end of your meal. Show up for the grand prize drawing at Quinn’s on the Ides of May – Tuesday, May 15th – at 4pm. (Hint: Half priced beer will be flowing aplenty.)

So get out there and get eating! Try something new…. or don’t. Eat at your favorite restaurant every night! The more you dine, the better your chances are.

fine print: entrants need not be present for the drawing to win. limit one raffle ticket per person per day. employees of restaurants are eligible, but will not be issued tickets from their home restaurant.

All you have to do to participate is eat at one of the restaurants listed above and ask for your raffle ticket. If you think you couldn’t possibly win, there’s hope. One time, when CHS was small, he entered the raffle at the Arctic Circle Drive-In and won a t-shirt entitling him to a free Icee whenever said shirt was worn to the Arctic Circle. You have a chance.

Vaughn said the restaurants involved came together in a “pretty organic process of ‘Hey, I bet so-and-so would be into it’ and ‘hey, whats-his-name’ would be totally down’. What we ended up with was a group of great independent restaurants who share some core values of quality, simplicity and community.”

The hope, Vaughn says, is to make the game a regular thing whether it’s good for business or only fun.

  • Speaking of overcoming daily deals, welcome new CHS advertiser Thomas St. Creperie.
  • One factor on the business side of the equation that Central Co-op might be weighing in its decision on possibly becoming a spirits retailer Trader Joe’s E Madison just applied for its license to deal booze.
  • A small bit of good news for Capitol Hill’s craft spirit makers like Oola and Sun — legislators have passed an amendment eliminating a 17% retail tax from any bottles sold directly from tasting rooms at small distilleries. 
  • Cal Anderson-adjacent Cure is adding a patio.
  • An April birthday we missed — Happy anniversary, Liberty Bar.
  • Want to cook just like Little Uncle? CHS shows you how in celebration of the Madison walk-up’s new Saturday hours.
  • A good sign at the Pine Box:

    (Image: The Pine Box)

  • La Bete is continuing its Monday night world tour with a visit to Easter Europe through May. Here’s what La Bete’s Aleks Dimitrijevic had to say about the latest destination:

    we are highlighting some dishes from the Balkans, Hungary, Poland, Russia, Czeck/Slovak, Bulgarian, Armenian etc…  mostly the real tasty stuff that each of those places is known for, their national dishes if you will.  so far its been a lot of fun.  have had to make a couple calls to grandma in Belgrade for advice on several dishes, being that thats where my fathers side of the family heralds from, so for me its like cooking all my childhood favorites!  The Serbian part of the menu anyways, though there is some culinary overlap within those countries, owing to the various empires/curtains that have risen and fallen over the centuries.

    Don’t forget your Ides of May raffle ticket, lucky.

  • What? Two Narwhals in one city? The oyster truck vs. Unicorn’s coming-soon downstairs sister.
  • The Neighbor Lady opens… soon.
  • Senator visits Central District coffee shop to talk tax equity. Tougo, you might recall, had its own issues with the tax man last year.
  • Save Bauhaus? Maybe start making friends here.
  • Skelly and the Bean says brunch coming soon.
  • Genki Sushi Broadway joins the late-night chow list.

  • The Social new siding, originally uploaded by Lookin4TallGuys.
  • CHS told you in October that former Rosebud owner Todd Nordahl’s next Capitol Hill project would be inside coming-soon dance club the Social. Eater Seattle has details on his EVO Tapas Kitchen:

    Nordahl and his team have been busy building out EVO, a 3,000 square foot restaurant/bar attached to The Social, that will cater to folks looking to have an intimate dining experience, private party, birthday or event celebration.

    No specifics on the “cabaret” end of things in the post. We’ll have to poke around. The whole shebang is expected to be open before the end of the month.

  • This is Q Capitol Hill’s new floor. Construction continues on Broadway with a summer opening target. We hope you dance on it, never come to face to face with it.

    (Image: Q)

  • The Grill on Broadway is upping its entertainment game. We recently told you about their Mimosas with Mama brunch show, now Friday nights will bring The Capitol Hill Talent Show starting May 4.
  • Marination’s kalbi tacos make another list.
  • We’re all going to fucking die.
  • Relax. It’s nearly Seattle Beer Week.
  • “And if I had to guess, I’d say Eltana’s bagels would be a damn good contender for longest-lasting and best-tasting in labor and delivery.”
  • This CHS community contributor says D’Ambrosio Gelato’s cannoli are “like no other.”
  • A softer touch for this week’s CHS food porn shot:

Coffee while I work, originally uploaded by SeattleSandro.



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10 years ago

So does anyone know what’s up with the rusting on the siding of The Social? At first I thought it was just poor installation of materials, but one of the new panels that they just put up is completely rusted. Is it intentionally supposed to rust? Or are they eventually going to sandblast it then paint it? Right now it’s looking rather crappy.

sorry to pee in your cornflakes, but...

I’m sure this won’t be a popular thing to observe, but– I don’t think it’s legal to have a giveaway that requires a purchase. And giving entry forms only to people who have just dined does constitute a purchase. To do so makes it essentially a lottery, and there are very specific rules around that. It may only be OK for non-profits. If they haven’t already, they’d better look into it before they get in too deep for this promotion.

Ryan in the sky
10 years ago


10 years ago

The entire front facade will rust over. This is part of the process and will soon all share the rusted over look.