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Did you see this at Pike and Broadway Saturday?

CHS tipster Choong did. Thanks for sharing the glee.

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18 thoughts on “Did you see this at Pike and Broadway Saturday?

  1. I was walking out of my local dispensary when this shit blew. I am glad my pocket was full of grass because this mess made me Nauseous.It looked liked they bused in bellevue clowns and old folk homes because this was def not you usual capitol hill peeps.

  2. . . . .considering that most Seattle people spend their time off huddled in their apartment, staring at a computer screen and/or biking about in unflattering Lycra outfits, this was, as least, different.

  3. had no idea this was going to happen — we were headed for cupcakes — it was quick, fun, and most of the message was kind — although I do wish invasions from out of the neighborhood would understand that Capitol Hill is a DIVERSE neighborhood, not simply a “gay neighborhood”. dancing in the street is a GOOD idea, but maybe not such a scripted performance?

  4. Flash mobs are great for displaying the power of the people, lets dance in the streets coherently at a specific time of the day. Communication is key.

  5. While I don’t hate flash mobs, I am definitely inclined to agree with this. Go do this at Seattle Central where there’s space, don’t block a major road. Everybody wants to “live a little” till they’re the ones running late and being impeded by shit like this.

  6. We did do it in a public square (@ Westlake Center)… Don’t be a hater. Why deny people a good time? If you participated, you’d be hooked. Guarantee it.