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Parks recommends bike polo, dodgeball stay after successful Cal Anderson pilot

Play Polo II, originally uploaded by jbhthescots.

Following an 18-month pilot to test the impact of “alternate uses” on courts that had been previously reserved for tennis only, Seattle Parks planners have recommended making Cal Anderson’s Tennis Court #1 and the courts at Judkins Park permanently available to dodgeball, bike polo and etc. players.

The move would codify an informal takeover of the Cal Anderson court that has grown into part of the park’s culture and regular happenings.

“During the 18 month pilot, Seattle Parks and Recreation received four emails and phone calls opposing non tennis activities on tennis courts,” the report on the recommendation states.

According to the report, the tire tracks on the color coating on the Cal Anderson court was one of the only issues of wear from the alternative uses and that “the fencing is in no worse condition than it was at the beginning of the pilot period.”

The Park board will hold a special meeting to consider the recommendation on May 7th. Details below.

The report also says inline roller hockey, radio race cars and Futsal Futsal groups have expressed interest in using Seattle Parks courts and that the department is looking into how to best accomodate requests. The full report is below. You’ll note that Parks says it is also looking into possible fees.

Alternate Uses Final

Seattle Park Board to hold special meeting to consider alternative uses of tennis courts pilot project  

The Seattle Board of Park Commissioners will hold a special meeting a 7 p.m. on Thursday, May 10 to consider the Alternate Use of Tennis Courts Pilot Project.

The meeting will take place in the Park Board room at the Parks Administration Building at 100 Dexter Ave. N (at the corner of Dexter and Denny).

The meeting agenda includes a staff update on the pilot followed by a public hearing and Board discussion and recommendation. Written testimony is welcome through Friday, May 4 to  


Project background: At the October 28, 2010 Park Board Meeting, the Park Board approved an 18 month Dodgeball/Bike Polo pilot program to be held at Bobby Morris Tennis Court #1 and Judkins Tennis Court, ending April 30, 2012. Parks staff have reviewed the activity during the pilot, and the staff briefing paper will be available online at on April 19.

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8 years ago

From just a visual survey roughly 3-5 times a week, it seems more people benefit from playing bike polo, dodgeball, and skateboarding (2-25 people on the courts enjoying it at any given time) than if we erected the net again and designated it for 2-4 tennis players at any given time.

8 years ago

So if a tennis game was 5 on 5 you would be cool with it?

Gail Atkinson Linne
8 years ago

Seattle’s Park Board is to be commended for their recommendation to permanently include alternate uses of Cal Anderson and Judkins courts. The City of Seattle will be well advised to accept the Board’s recommendation based on the facts. Alternative sports activity on the courts has not negatively impacted the courts and bike polo and dodgeball are a part of Seattle’s active community which should now be permanently welcomed to use these courts.
Gail Atkinson Linne
Seattle Bike Polo supporter