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Protest plans to turn Capitol Hill sidewalk into classic board game (Sorry, not Risk)

Following another weekend of busted glass at one Broadway bank, we’re hoping the hammer-carrying, rock-chucking, spark plug-tossing vandals of Capitol Hill consider checking out a different way to protest the global banking system. On Saturday at your friendly neighborhood Broadway Bank of America branch, those fun-loving kids of #MicCheckWallSt are up to some shard-less shenanigans to encourage locals to “foreclose” their BofA accounts and move their money “to a credit union or community bank.” Below are the details on the planned Do Not Pass Go protest.

The big banks have been playing monopoly with our money & our homes.

On Saturday April 14th, just in time for tax day, let’s return the favor…

The plan:

Monopolize the Bank of America on Capitol Hill all day by turning the sidewalk into a giant Monopoly board!

While drawing attention to BoA’s practices we want to also encourage their customers to foreclose on their accounts & take their money to a credit union or community bank. We’ll have monopoly money and “foreclosure” notices on hand to give out with some helpful facts about BoA and more information about doing just that.

Let’s dress up and play bank!

Like costumes?!?! Here are some ideas! Come dressed as:

  • A foreclosed home
  • A slum hotel
  • Your favourite game piece
  • Rich “Uncle” Pennybags
  • A keystone cop
  • Giant dice
  • A community chest
  • A chance card
  • Anything else you can think of!

Don’t like costumes? Just come as yourself! Show your support and help us shut them down.

We last saw #MicCheckWallSt in action on Capitol Hill in this Money Doesn’t Talk demonstration in February.

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21 thoughts on “Protest plans to turn Capitol Hill sidewalk into classic board game (Sorry, not Risk)

  1. as someone who is on the same side of the political coin as you – please just get a job, enroll in more courses, do something better with your time than this.

  2. Seriously, dont you think its time to leave this neighborhood alone?

    If the idea is to get as many people to understand why BoA is a horrible bank, doing it on Broadway will only preach to the choir. You need to do this in order areas, or are the protesters too chicken sh*t to do it outside the most liberal neighborhood, in the most liberal city in the state. Brave men and women indeed.

  3. While I personally support this cause as I work at a credit union, Saturday is probably the worst day to do this. It’s the busiest day of the week, the one with the shortest hours and fewest staff. Bank transfer day was also poorly planned for the same reason.

  4. Hey J, you said “spark plug tossing vandals.” is there a report of vandalists throwing spark plugs? i missed that one, i think that is a particularly nasty development bc maybe it means connections with the unsavory occupy elements giving occupy a bad name and regular old criminals. can you point me in the direction where anyone reported vandals using spark plugs, because i want to keep my eye on such things.

  5. This action is one of the best ideas ive seen come out of seattle for awhile. Its sounds like political theatre outside a bank. So not only will they possibly shut the bank down by doing a positive action but they will also inform customers about BOA’s policies and suggest to switch to a credit union. Sure your not really shocking anyone on capital hill but at the same time these guys are focusing there attention on BOA of capital hill because last time they did something there the security guard lockked the doors. It sounds like they are trying to put the pressure on by focusing on one bank. Maybe even Chase (pun intended)BOA out. I think its smart.

  6. Wow, talk about over staying your welcome (not that you were exactly welcome in the first place). Please give Capitol Hill a break from childish stunts.

    It is insulting that you seem to believe that we aren’t educated enough to make our own decisions about where we choose to do business.

    BTW, Dan is so right about wearing costumes to a bank, geniuses…

  7. Seriously?

    You people are soo negative. I know Seattle doesn’t get much sun, but get over your pretentious ego. I would say try putting on a costume and playing around, but you people are too busy planning which $200 shoes to buy to make you look poor.

  8. I know nothing about those breaking windows, but as for the people in #MicCheckWallSt most of us are either employed full time or full time students. Nonetheless, your characterization of activists as people who are jobless or doing nothing with their lives is quite bothersome. It feeds into the idea that getting a job or participating in a system that puts young people into a lifetime of debt for, effectively, no actual educational or career benefit is somehow better than working to change the system and to make the world better for ourselves and future generations. Perhaps “neighbor” you should reconsider whether you are really on the same side of the political coin, and if indeed you are I would urge you to recognize that active, playful protest such as this (on a weekend day, no less) does not automatically mean those doing so are jobless, not enrolled in courses, or otherwise not doing anything better with our time. Thank you.

  9. Play in our own backyard? There are individuals coming to this protest from North Seattle, from Queen Anne, from all over the city and outside of the city. Some are taking ferries and coming across the sound to be here. So characterizing this as any such thing is quite inaccurate. In addition, “professional protesters” is a misrepresentation to be sure. I am a full time student and work, many others of us are also employed or enrolled in school full-time. We are not what you think we are. We are a broad spectrum of people from all over the Greater Seattle area who are concerned about the big banking industry and their stranglehold on this economy.

  10. I have all sorts of things to say to you, Old fogey, but I will leave off for now on most of them (related your inept “shiny object” comment). I would like to point out that there will be NO trash. I would also like to point out, quite vociferously, that if even one person changes from BoA to a local credit union because of our presence we have made a difference. Thank you very much.

  11. “A” writes: “. It feeds into the idea that getting a job or participating in a system that puts young people into a lifetime of debt for, effectively, no actual educational or career benefit….”

    It sounds like you are arguing that getting a community college and/or university education has no real benefit, and only results in debt. Do you actually believe this? If so, it is a self-serving rationalization for the many slackers of today’s younger generation.

  12. Sure, go ahead and have your little street party….but please keep it nonviolent and vandalism-free for a change.

    “Shutting down” BoA is not going to happen, except maybe for a few hours, so what’s the point? They will stay where they are for now, and then move back to the Broadway/Thomas site when that development is finished.