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A Letter from the Heart

This is an actual letter received a day after President Barack Hussein Obama spoke up for equal ciivil rights and marriage opportunities for all citizens.

 “Dear Everyone,

With the recent idiocy in North Carolina, followed by the glorious support from our POTUS & Senator Harry Reid, a lot of old feelings are stirring in my gut; feelings I shelved away back in 2000 after being personally devastated by the Prop. 2 Campaign. 
Back then, I HAD a dream. I dreamed that one day, I would wear a gorgeous white dress & walk down an aisle on the arm of a man proud to be walking with me, toward a woman who loves me & will vow to always love me, in front of all our friends & family, who want nothing more than to celebrate & honor that love. 

Since 2000, that dream has been shattered & pieced together again many times, as various state & federal governments teased me with the notion of human equality. And with each “PSYCH!”, my heart broke a little. It’s hard not to take that kind of blatant discrimination personally. 
The Defense of Marriage Act has been cited against me~ ME, a girl who has always wanted to get married! 
Protect Marriage, Protect Families, Save Our Children… from ME? ME??? 
I am a nanny, for goodness sake! 
I LOVE my families and I eat, sleep and BREATHE children!
It finally got to a point where I had to emotionally withdraw from all of it. It hurt too much to fight and be systematically let down each time. 
Civil Unions and Domestic Partnerships are the modern equivalent of separate drinking fountains for whites and blacks. 
They are crap. 
There is no such thing as Separate But Equal, just as there is no such thing as Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. 
Protect Marriage FROM DIVORCE! 

My emotions are stirring again… finally… as though there is actually a light at the end of this tunnel. At this point, however, should I even get excited? Cuz I’ve gotten excited before & had my joy dashed by ignorance. Is that daylight I see, or just reflections of strobe lights bouncing off a drag queen’s sequined gown as we continue attempting to dance the pain away?

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