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Blotter | Pooper scooper stand-off at Pillars Park, $700 Barbie burglary on E Union

Here’s the lastest from the streets, alleys and off-leash areas of the East Precinct:

  • Pooper scooper vs. pooper scooper: Seattle Police responded to a woman’s report of a 20 to 30-minute pooper scooper vs. pooper scooper stand-off at the Pillars Park off-leash area near Pike and Boren early last Thursday. According to the report, the victim told police she had to arm herself with the implement after a woman approached her at the dog park around 1:30a to complain that she was making too much noise and that her friend was “trying to sleep.”

  • 11th Ave embezzlement: Detectives are investigating a reported embezzlement at a “specialty store” in the 1500 block of 11th Ave. Few details are available but we’ll follow up. The theft allegedly occurred back in February.
  • $700 Barbie burglary: A woman reported somebody had stolen hundreds of dollars worth of collectible Barbie dolls form her E Union residence earlier this month. According to the police report on the incident, the woman told police the thief made a heartbreaking haul:

She said the dolls were special because of their value buteven more special to her were the handmade clothes her mother made for thedolls. She said her mother was not longer alive and so the clothes shemade were priceless to her.

Police found no signs of forced entry and the woman said only her building manager and the maintenance man had a key to her apartment.

  • 12th Ave fob rip-off: A manager at a building the 1500 block of 12th Ave told police a thief had broken in and burglarized storage units in the building sometime around the 9th or 10th of May. Earlier, a thief had broken to the building’s key box and made off with keys and a security fob with access to the entire building. The manager was not aware that the fob had been stolen, according to the SPD report on the incident. CHS has reported in the past on weak key boxes being easy targets for Capitol Hill burglars.
  • Follow-ups: The man busted in Monday night’s hold-up of Zaw Pizza at 15th and Pine hasn’t dabbled in (alleged) armed robbery before but does have recent arrests for harassment, trespassing and failure to register as a sex offender. Gay City Health is still looking for help to track down the electronics and computer gear stolen from its E Pike headquarters last week. No new details in this incident in which a vehicle stopped near Cal Anderson Park and impounded as part of a robbery investigation. According to the full police report released on this street robbery at 10th and Seneca, the victim truly was charmed by her assailant before he got her by herself, punched her in the face and robbed her. Meanwhile, the kids ripped off in this 23rd/John street robbery? They were headed to a slumber party, according to the SPD report. And, in case you missed it, this man’s good deed turned ugly when the man he bought a Sunday bagel for turned on him and tried to rob him on E Pine.
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  1. Hey I was the one attacked in the dog park with the pooper scooper scraper, it sounds funny in this article, but really it wasnt. the woman who attacked me was around 25 years old and insane, she said her friend was trying to sleep under the bridge and that me and my dog were making too much noise, which we werent making any as a matter of fact my dog doesnt even bark.

    the part she swung at me was the scraper part of the pooper scooper set, highly dangerous with a sharp metal edge. i wanted to beat the living crap out of this girl who attacked me for no reason, but not wanting to seriously hurt her or go to jail made it so I just defended myself.

    Also since I amtransgendered it would actually be she attacked He but since my ID isnt changed i guess that doesnt matter to SPD.

    anyway beware of that park at night, a bunch of loons around there.