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Cab vs. cop car collision at Pike and Boren sends officer to hospital

A Seattle Police officer was taken to Harborview with minor injuries Tuesday night after the officer’s patrol car was struck by another vehicle at the intersection of Pike and Boren.

SPD says the officer was responding to a call and was using the car’s lights and siren when the squad car was struck by a cab in the intersection.

The cab driver and a passenger were not injured. The officer was transported to the Harborview emergency room for injuries Seattle Fire describes as minor.

(Image: @alexjon via Twitter — “Cab slammed into a police car, Boren and Pike. Lights and siren were on.”)

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6 thoughts on “Cab vs. cop car collision at Pike and Boren sends officer to hospital

  1. The cab drivers love to play chicken in that intersection. Let me guess, the cab was taking a left? I hope the cop wasn’t hurt too badly.

  2. I was walking down the east side of Boren, saw the police car cautiously crossing the intersection on a red light with lights on. The officer paused a couple of times, appeared to be satisfied the path was clear, and began to accelerate across the intersection when the cab appeared and impacted the cruiser’s right rear fender, spinning it around. My guess is the cab driver wasn’t expecting the cruiser to take so long crossing, and misjudged his window. Playing chicken indeed.