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Capitol Hill food+drink | Crumble & Flake debuts on E Olive Way

(Images: Dave Lichterman for CHS)

That was surely worth the wait, no? By which we mean the wait for Monday and the latest crispy, crunchy batch of Capitol Hill food+drink notes. Got a tip? Drop it here.


  • The densely populated neighborhoods around E Olive Way now have a bakery as patisserie Crumble and Flake debuted this weekend on a sunny Capitol Hill Sunday. CHS broke the news that Seattle pastry artist Neil Robertson was looking for a Capitol Hill location for his bakery back in October. By December, the former Canlis and Mistral Kitchen pastry chef announced he’d found a home to produce his “sweet and savory such as croissants, kouign amann, and scones, alongside dessert pastries like filled-to-order cream puffs, macarons, cookies and brownies” in a former E Olive Way salon.

Neil Robertson (Image: Dave Lichterman for CHS)

One of each, please (Image: Dave Lichterman for CHS)

Crumble and Flake regulars (Image: Dave Lichterman for CHS)

In Sunday’s debut, the tiny shop neighboring Montana and the Rachel’s Ginger Beer HQ was hit hard by enthusiastic throngs of customers leaving much of the pastry depleted but the macarons keeping up the pace.

Robertson said the new shop will keep hours 7a-5p on Tues through Fri, and be open between 9a and 4p on the weekends.

It’s a small space and dedicated almost entirely to the bakery and the display case full of treats. 

“It’s a pastry shop, not bread,” Robertson told CHS last fall. “It will be mostly breakfast style, with some dessert-y [treats] and some cookies. We’ll start small and be seasonal.”

Caipirinha macaroons, cinnamon rolls, vanilla cream puffs, a “smoked paprika croissant and rhubarb financier” were just some of the delights people were a-Twitter about on Sunday’s opening.

The shop is located at 1500 E Olive way on the E Howell corner. Learn more at

  • On the other end of the spectrum, a joint that will be closing down just as pastry chef Robertson begins his day also debuted this weekend. Here’s a look at the first night at Barboza, Neumos’ subterranean counterpart.
  • Meanwhile, Ming has delayed the Social and EVO’s grand opening plans by a week.
  • Bauhaus has a deal to stay at Melrose and Pine.
  • “Creative differences” mean Capitol Hill captains of the food and drink industry Laura Olson and Chris Pardo are no longer part of the ownership behind 12th Ave’s Manhattan Drugs. We asked Pardo to explain the “creative differences” thing — Regarding Manhattan Drugs it is simply that our vision for the direction of the restaurant differed,” Pardo wrote back. “We love the space and wish them success in all their endeavors.” Manhattan Drugs is a CHS advertiser
  • “Bartenders: got ladders? Use them
  • It’s nearly Beer Week. We’ll have a Capitol Hill take on things soon. In the meantime, here’s what the Seattle Times thinks of the 2012 slate.
  • With June 1st’s rollover to the new privatized liquor system in Washington, construction permits around Capitol Hill are chock full of work to add new wiring and surveillance cameras at grocery and drug stores.
  • Remember 10th Ave E’s Easy Joe’s before it made way for Skelly and the Bean? It’s made a new home down by the stadiums. Facebook page is here.
  • Also landing on his two feet is former Grey Gallery owner Erik Guttridge. After a year or so working at places around the Hill and figuring out what was next, Guttridge posted to Facebook this daydream-inspiring shot of his new morning ritual as he begins his job as an assistant manager at the Doe Bay Cafe.
  • “I think business people try to create this happy-go-lucky vibe but people like to know the bad side, too, what made a business what it was. It makes them feel connected to us.
  • Cinco de Mayo has passed but we still want to try Hombre, a new Mexican lager brewed for Poquitos by Elysian Brewery.
  • Wednesday is our Neuve de Mayo CHS monthly happy hour — this month, we’re at Bimbos and you should totally come. 4:30-6:30p.
  • Healeo adds Sonicsgate to its healthful offerings.
  • Parfait’s ice cream truck is back on 15th Ave E on Fridays.
  • You can have your own pierogi fest at Capitol Hill’s Polish Home on Fridays and Sundays.
  • Construction of E Pike’s Kaladi Brothers new space proceeds.
  • Bake it in a Cake bake sale at CakeSpy Shop later this month.
  • Poppy debuts its Masala Monday menu tonight.
  • This week’s food porn: Vegetarian thali at Annapurna

  • Vegetarian Thali @ Annapurna, originally uploaded by ERIK98122.


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9 years ago

Finally- You don’t have to fly to LaDuree in NYC or Paris to have a GREAT macaron- try the green one, a sublime key lime pie-like flavor, or the rich chocolate, but get there early, because it looks like he will sell out quickly. Absolutely the best!

9 years ago

$2.25 for a mini cream puff?

This isn’t a bakery. A bakery is a place where you can buy a loaf of bread. It’s a desert shop.

9 years ago

Monsieur/Madame, it’s a patisserie, just like it says on the window. A good macaron takes skill, training and talent to perfect. If you want Pillsbury, go to the frozen food section of your local Safeway.

9 years ago

“The densely populated neighborhoods around E Olive Way now have a bakery”

“CHS broke the news that Seattle pastry artist Neil Robertson was looking for a Capitol Hill location for his bakery back in October”

“It’s a small space and dedicated almost entirely to the bakery”

I guess that I just assume that if it’s a bakery that they’ll carry a nice loaf of bread.

9 years ago

have you not been to Ba Bar? the macarons are sublime….

9 years ago

Your reading comprehension stinks.

“It’s a pastry shop, not bread,” Robertson told CHS

9 years ago

This begs a bigger question. Are the monolingual reporters of CHS so opposed to French that they chose not to differentiate between a boulangerie(bakery) and a patisserie, or is this distinction lost on the denizens of Capitol Hill who are looking for the next cheap baguette.
Any attempt to bring a more global, sophisticated perspective to Capitol Hill’s culinary scene should not be lost to rubes who would rather get drunk and tatooed then contemplate France’s culinary heritage and distinctions.

9 years ago

I want some Freedom Fries!!!

9 years ago

Thank you for bringing this gallophobia to light. I trust that the cultural ombudsperson will initiate a full inquiry.

9 years ago

Mon doo!

9 years ago

But i too am sick of this exact type of shop opening up on Capitol Hill. It’s like these visionary entrepreneurs (and the banks that loan them money) think this is just a playground with children begging for sweets and places to play. Staples like bread would have been ok with me, even if you charged 7 bucks.

Real people already live here, stop advertising this neighborhood a place with fussy little cookie shops.

9 years ago

I believe someone once said “let them eat cake.” I say let them eat croissants, pan au chocolate and macarons. You don’t have to go there. You’ll be one less person in the queue when the shops opens.

9 years ago

Yeah, “someone” said something like that. I hope your naivety leads you to the same end as the first to utter that vile sentiment.

9 years ago

jseattle FTW

9 years ago

So much snark for the opening of somewhere so sweet! It’s a lovely thing to have in a wonderful neighborhood so just play nice. Sheesh.

9 years ago

I was being ironic, but that was lost on you. Today, France has brought the world socialism and “this exact type of shop” simply doesn’t exist elsewhere on the hill. “Fussy little cookies” indeed. Quelle domage!

9 years ago

Someone allegedly said that.

So, let’s eat cake!

9 years ago

open your own shop then, chief.