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Capitol Hill Pride 2012 | 4th annual Festival on Broadway, block parties, Anti-Capitalist Drag Show

mama, originally uploaded by Tim Durkan.

Time flies when you’re having fun. 2012 marks the fourth year of the Capitol Hill Pride Festival. The event drew praise in 2011 for growing from a shaky first two years into a relatively well-organized and robust day of fun on Broadway. It’s been a long time since the big parade moved downtown. The festival and the street parties planned for this weekend make it clear that Pride is still strong on Capitol Hill. Here’s a look at the weekend on Capitol Hill. We’ll have more on the plans — brunch anyone — through the week. If you know of something we missed, let us know in comments or send a mail to Happy Pride 2012.

Main “Electric Tea Candle” Stage (Other stages here)

Capitol Hill Pride Festival Main Stage Schedule -confirmed to date 
Subject to Change
Main Stage
Schedule Electric Tea Light Main Stage 
DJ Kenneth Hylbak 1-8pm
DJ John Judge 8- 10pm 

MC Mark “Mom” Finley 11-7:15pm 

10:00 Stage and AV testing 
11:00 Rainbow City Band – Opening, Charlette LeFevre and Philip Lipson 
11:15 George Bakan, SGN Editor 
11:30 Rev. Troy Perry, Introduced by MCC Michelle Carmody 
11:45 Charlene Strong, Equal Rights Activist 
Natl. Gay and Lesbian Task Force 
Joshua Freides, Equal Rights Washington 
Silk of United for Marriage WA 
Letter from Jay Inslee
Rep. Jaime Pedersen (Grand Marshall) 
Sen. Ed Murray (invited Grand Marshall) 
12:30 Doggie Drag costume contest Parade 
1:00 Winner Announced
Photo Op 
1:30 Marcel Frederick,R&B, Hip Hop
2:00 Takeshia,Seward R&B and Pop 
2:30 Bryn King, Hip Hop 
3:00 Unibroz – Named one of the top newest up and coming Hip Hop groups 
3:30 Fab5 Fitness “Shake it with Cher: Get moving with LAB5! 
4:00 TBA 
5:00 Gold’s Gym 
7:00 Julia Belly Dancing 
7:15 Street cleared for Dyke March – Broadway South of Mercer 
8:00 Join us for the Electric Tea Light Stage Jazz theme with DJ John Judge and more 
10:00 Closing and Thank you – Northwest Museum of Legends and Lore

….and More!

The Seattle Dyke March happens the Saturday evening of Pride weekend. The 2012 event will be on June 23, 2012. At 5:00 p.m., we will rally at Seattle Central Community College. At about 7:00, we will set off to march through Capitol Hill.

The Wildrose, Seattle’s premier Lesbian destination venue for over a quarter of a century, is gearing up for their annual Pride Weekend Block Party. This year, they carry on the folly of The Bush Gardens. For years now The Wildrose and their annual Pride Weekend Block Party has been a jewel in the crown of Capitol Hill’s rampant Pride festivities, a destination for LGBT locals as well as those traveling to Seattle’s Pride Weekend from all over the globe. It has also developed a reputation for attracting top notch talent. Past years have included appearances by such incredible national talent as Big Freedia, Helle’s Belles, DJ Lisa Pittman, Glass Candy, DJ Tina T, Leslie & The Lys – and too many more to mention. 

Featuring performances from RuPaul’s Drag Race, Nina Flowers, Shannel, and Ongina! Along with performances by the Le Faux cast, and other special guests. Live music by Smoking Bill, with DJ Bret Law keeping you dancing through out the day!

The D-Factor finale along with a Hot Jock Contest!

Only a $5 Cover!

The Seattle Squadron Softball team is a non-profit team in the Emerald City Softball Association. The focus of the ECSA is to provide a softball league that includes GLBT and non GLBT members and creates a unique community of excellence, sportsmanship & acceptance for playing softball. 

Where: Waid’s Restaurant & Lounge (1212 E Jefferson St, Seattle, WA 98122)

Description: Are you sick of the corporate spectacle that Gay Pride has become in Seattle? Do you reject the way local bars jack up their prices to try to make a profit off what is supposed to be a weekend of celebration and unity? Well so are we!!!

GLITUR would like to invite you to our Anti-Capitalist Dance Party and Drag Show at Waid’s the Friday night of Pride. It will be a night of boozing, dancing and performances filled with glitter and unicorns! We come together to strike back against popular assimilationist models of mainstream gay rights. We know that our work does not begin and end with the attainment of a gay marriage bill in WA State or with a begrudging presidential endorsement of it that seems more like a political strategy than real progress. And as long as ADAP is being cut, CeCe is behind bars for defending herself and anyone has to experience homophobia, sexism or racism from the state or this capitalist society we will RESIST!!!

It will be $5 to get in with most of the proceeds going to Lifelong Aids Alliance, because Pride is about coming together and giving back, NOT MAKING MONEY!

  • Beyond Boxes — Queer Teen Ensemble Theatre — Thursday-Monday
The 5th Annual Production by Queer Teen Ensemble Theatre (QTET)
Find the answers to these life questions and more in this world premiere Queer Teen Production: BEYOND BOXES.
Thursday, June 21st – Monday, June 25th at 7:30pm

Washington Ensemble Theatre608 19th Ave E 
Click here to buy tickets! $5-10

*Saturday, June 23* Lifelong Sponsored *Free Youth Night* Youth under 25 get in FREE 

It’s the last week of school and big decisions loom large. Who am I taking to prom? What do I perform in the talent show? Where do I go to college? When will my family accept me? Why does the world shove me into boxes?!?

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8 years ago

Any word on what is being done to prevent the motherfocking “anarchists” from damaging our neighborhood this year?

8 years ago

Yay for Pride on the Hill. Yay for Pride on Broadway. Closing the street off for a special occasion makes the city a much better place.

Re “anarchists”, I don’t recall any appearances around Pride. Am I misremembering my history?

8 years ago

The only damage done last year was to multi-national corporations, not “our neighborhood”. The businesses damaged last year are the ones causing harm to the neighborhood by forcing out small business. If someone wants to smash American Apparel again this year, I won’t cry.

Michael W.
8 years ago

There was a a problem last year on the Saturday night before the parade starting at Pike and Union and the staff and customers of the Wildrose, Seattle’s only lesbian bar, were caught in the middle of it. Hardly a national corporation. Let’s hope that this year is peaceful and celebratory, with no attacks on lgbt businessess or any others.

8 years ago

Ah yes, it’s Pride Season also known as make-extra-bucks on the backs of the community. It’s an excuse for bar owners to pry $15 or $20 from people to “allow” them to wait in line for a drink or raise rates for parking to twice their normal price.

8 years ago

In a sane society, with the rule of law, you can’t pick and choose which laws to respect or which businesses are fair game to vandalize. If you don’t like a law (or a corporation), work to change it. Violence and anarchy only serve to turn the vast majority of citizens against your cause.

8 years ago
8 years ago

Tell it!

8 years ago

Please provide a list of those bars/clubs which will charge $15-$20 to enter the business, and whether or not the cover charge is different than any other time.

Also..please provide documentation of increased parking rates during Pride.

Something tells me we won’t get a response to these requests.

your mom
8 years ago

Purr Pride – $20
Wildrose – Couldn’t find exact amount but know I paid $15-$20 last year for a “block party” where the music stopped at 12:30!
Cuff Pride Day – $15
RED Men’s Part (at Neumos) – $25
RED Women’s Party (at the Baltic Room) – $20

And I did not look very hard. We do have a couple good places like Pony and such who have the right idea, but you cannot deny the crazy increase in prices.

8 years ago

Thanks, mom!

8 years ago

Ah, thanks for the update. I was out of town last year…

8 years ago

The Wildrose charges $15 which includes 6 bands and 5 dj’s. The city requires that the outdoor stage stop at midnight, however there. is a DJ inside until 1:45.The hours are 1:00pm to 2:00am. Friday is $10 and Sunday is donation only.

8 years ago

Be sure and stop by the Wells Fargo tent where they will gladly take your money. Show you’ve made it by getting a loan and bring your boyfriend!

8 years ago

Looking forward to the day gays just live like the rest of us..with no special month celebrations, parades, etc. It’s gotten really boring and annoying.

8 years ago

I’m cool with pride and the activities but I have to say this year’s Broadway “festival” was too loud. I’m several blocks off Broadway and I had to endure bass noise and vibrations coming from the stages all day long. I have been on the hill since 1994 and have never had a problem until this year. It was over the top and made me wish I had gone out of town. This I will do so next year. #broadwayfestivalfail

8 years ago

I agree. i have been trying to get a hold of anyone who can tell them to turn down the bass a little at least. My windows are rattling and my ears hurt.

8 years ago

sounds like someone is JEALOUS!!

8 years ago

I’m also looking forward to the day when gays get to have the same rights as straight people!

8 years ago

Val: I sent off an email to
letting them know the music was simply too loud and invasive.
My windows rattled, too, which made for a very unnerving afternoon.