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CHS Pics | Rain can’t dampen Capitol Hill Pride. OK… it dampened it a little bit.

Depending on when you visited Broadway on Saturday, looking up either got you a bucketful of rain in the face or a view of some of the prettiest skies of Seattle’s gray Juneuary. For those who got drenched — and are prepared to get sprinkled on again on Sunday — you might want to get behind this whole Move Seattle’s Pride Parade to August thing.

A few pictures from the 4th annual Capitol Hill Pride Festival are below — we’ll add more as they come in plus a few scenes from the Seattle Dyke March.

Doggie drag should have had a raincoat division (Image: Sam Clemmens with permission to CHS)

The GSBA is posting messages like this on its Facebook page (Image: GSBA)

Equal Rights Washington got some work done (Image: ERW)

Leather photo guy meets Grassroots polar bear marketing guy (Image: Loures Corzo with permission to CHS)

Broadway on Gay Pride 2012, originally uploaded by Crickontour.


Sacred Texts?, originally uploaded by sea turtle.


Fierce, originally uploaded by sea turtle.


Drag Dog, originally uploaded by sea turtle.


Dyke Diversity, originally uploaded by sea turtle.

(Image: James Knapp with permission to CHS)

A few images from CHS contributor Doug McLaughlin show the action at Prom Dress Rugby and a few scenes from Pike/Pine to remind that most of the night was a big party:

IMG_8802, originally uploaded by Lookin4TallGuys.

IMG_4687, originally uploaded by Lookin4TallGuys.

IMG_9023, originally uploaded by Lookin4TallGuys.

IMG_9050, originally uploaded by Lookin4TallGuys.

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how is it..
8 years ago

there was a huge gathering at the qfc booth how did that not make the slide show. they gave out a ton a free stuff and made people super happy! Also gave out free samples of cheese..

also doggy drag winner , the guys flying around on cloth.. it just seems like with all that was going you coulda got some more pics… to make a bigger slide show…

Hell, yeah
8 years ago

Aren’t we tired of freezing and getting rained on for Pride? Please visit the Facebook page, “Like” it, and tell your friends.

8 years ago

My memory could be off, but as I recall most Pride weekends have pretty decent weather, and at times sunny/warm. This year is the exception.

8 years ago

Your memory is off. We’re no better than 50%– if that–and this year is not the exception. Contrast that to Vancouver’s pride, 1st week in August, when the weather is almost always perfect.

no thanks
8 years ago

I’ll pay money to NOT see a photo of a QFC booth with cheese samples. Do you accept paypal?

8 years ago

Amazon payments actually. Link is on the right.

Carla Pitsinger
8 years ago

Great people, causes, music, artwork, food (and dogs!) coming together – you can never go wrong with that! Thanks Capital Hill.
Still trying to post my pics – hope you post more!

8 years ago

BIG Thanks to the Capitol Hill Pride Festival organizers! I really appreciate all the effort they put into planning this wonderful community festival. It’s the perfect way to have a whole day of Pride Weekend focused here on the Hill where such a large part of the community lives, shops, and plays. Of course the weather was a disappointment this year but it was great that people came out to celebrate despite the rain. Every year the Capitol Hill Pride festival has gotten better and better and it’s the one event of Pride that I look forward to the most. BIG thanks again to the organizers for all the time, effort, and planning.

how is it..
8 years ago

why so much hate for QFC? they had the longest line and people braved the rain to get all those samples, of more than just cheese.. but im with you on the cheese.. who wants that.. but people sure were buying up those lil boxes of cheese they were selling..

just put a pic up .. come on bob be nice! now who wants to go to CAKE!.. yay bobs burgers reference!!

8 years ago

No, Sunday was beautiful. We celebrate Pride in June because that is when the Stonewall riots happened. It’s supposed to be about queer liberation, not partying in the sun.

8 years ago

It was Stephen Gyllenhaal in the polar bear suit in the parade on Sunday, chances are it was him on Broadway as well!