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CHS Pics | Screw the Space Needle — Here are 67+ Capitol Hill rainbows

IMG_8377, originally by Lookin4TallGuys.

Even in the gray, Capitol Hill is again covered in rainbows. Thanks to CHS contributing photographer Douglas McLaughlin for making the rounds for us this year. Here’s the 2011 batch if you want to get nostalgic

2012 Capitol Hill Pride

Have a Hill rainbow picture to share? Let us know in comments. As for the Space Needle, well, your loss, big guy.

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8 years ago

I get that they are a private company, and that they have the right to fly whatever flag they do or do not want, but it’s pure cowardness on their part not to fly the rainbow flag for Pride. Have their been negative repercussions for flying it the past two years? No. Has there been any other flag up on the Needle in the past few days? No. Does the Needle continue to fly UW or WSU flags for big games? Yes. It’s disingenuous of them to say they don’t fly other flags. As the symbol of this city, the owners of the Space Needle should get on board with Pride. This should be a non-issue. Shame on them.

8 years ago

perhaps the symbol of the city should be held in common and not privately owned.

8 years ago

Perhaps the fact that it is the 50th anniversary of the Needle this year comes into play. The Needle has its own celebration going on, hence the paint job.

8 years ago

It would be nice if they would get on board, but really– we have other things to worry about, and shouldn’t attach all that much significance to it.

8 years ago

If you give a mouse a cookie, he’ll want a glass of milk. Ok… C’mon Seattle… Be happy they did it once and again the 2nd time given the challenge… But really… If they choose not to ever again, it really is their choice and I support it, along with the appreciation they ever did do it in the first place.