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CHS Pics | The Comet Tavern mural

(Images: Alex Crick for CHS)

Despite the gray and drizzly start to summer, it’s been a busy time for new murals on Capitol Hill. This new freehand work on the side of the Comet Tavern at 10th and E Pike is shaping up nicely. The magic buffalo continues to roam.

Earlier this month, we showed you this new buzzing bee mural above the Pillars off-leash area created as part of a Northwest School class project.

Want to know more about the history of the Comet? Check out this paper on the revered bar’s “marketplace vernacular.” We also wrote about the Comet’s role in the history of Seattle’s alternative press here.

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10 years ago

Love that they left the bison under there. :-)

10 years ago

Here’s hoping some talentless tagger doesn’t decide that it would look better with their pathetic scribble on it.

10 years ago

Nice mural, but I have to say, Not skilled enough to remove the Bison cut out. Or not imaginative enough to incorporate the shape into the mural.
Good Colors though C+.

10 years ago

I would’a put the bison riding a surfboard on a wave of beer pouring from the can. But of course I can’t paint for sh*t, so who am I to critique? I think it looks great though.

10 years ago

Brick wall is a canvas. Boarded windows are a canvas. Bison is a canvas. It’s kinda pretty with Seattley colors and representation of a beverage container. I’m guessing it’s underwritten by Comet and so not the typical pissing of tax monies on typical mediocre typically yawn public art.

10 years ago

Don’t forget the mural on the side of the Stumbling Monk.