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Man says pistol-whipped in closing-time 23rd/Madison robbery, busy Saturday for gunfire

  • Pistol-whip robbery reported at 23rd/Madison: A man told police he was pistol-whipped and robbed of his wallet, keys and phone as he walked home early Friday morning near 23rd and Madison.

The victim tells police he was walking home from a bar around 2a Friday when a male approached him pointing a pistol. The victim said two other people came up behind him and helped grab his possessions before the suspect with the gun pistol-whipped him. The victim told police he wasn’t knocked out by the blow but said he doesn’t remember much of what happened after.

Police say the victim went home, attempted to cancel his credit cards and didn’t contact SPD until around 2:30 in the afternoon, some twelve hours later. He could describe the lead assailant as only a black male, around 5’5″ with a lean build and wearing a white hoodie. The victim declined medical attention.

  • Saturday morning gunfire: A string of reported gunshots kept East Precinct busy this weekend. In addition to multiple reports of shots fired in the Central District, the early hours of Saturday morning included a reported drive-by at 18th and Howell involving a red or maroon 2007 Chrysler 300 that may have been involved in an earlier gunfire incident at 25th and Spring as well as a report of a man firing a gun at Pike and Broadway. In the Pike/Broadway situation, a caller reported seeing a man with a white car firing shots in the air. SPD says there were no injuries and officers found no damage from the activity.
  • Town Hall on public safety: SPD has more information on tonight’s forum:

A group of city leaders and citizens–including Mayor Mike McGinn, Seattle Police Chief John Diaz, Councilmember Bruce Harrell, Mariko Lockhart (Seattle Youth Violence Prevention Initiative), Rahwa Habte (OneAmerica), Bill Hobson (DESC), and Seattle Times columnist Danny Westneat–will discuss issues of public safety, gun safety, mental illness, gangs, and how a community not only stays safe, but heals itself after such tragedies. 

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13 thoughts on “Man says pistol-whipped in closing-time 23rd/Madison robbery, busy Saturday for gunfire

  1. We have a damn precinct in our neighborhood, so why don’t we have officers always visible and patrolling our streets. There is so much damn crime and I rarely ever see any officers other than in their cars outside the station or at Tully’s or Starbucks sitting having coffee.

    Please join me in contacting the local Police Chief and demanding a more visible presence in protecting us!

    I want to see officers on foot and on bike always patrolling our neighborhoods.. They know where the problem areas are but they are never there.

  2. To be fair, the Pike/Pine corridor now has a heavy presence of on foot patrol officers during the weekend evenings, which is appropriate considering the massive crowds. I saw a fight outside of Quinn’s last weekend, and police were on hand in less than a minute to break it up.

  3. It says that EVERY victim reacts in a different way, that’s all. Way to read into it though. I am very confident in SPD, once the DOJ and mayor stop tying their hands behind their backs, crime will go back down.

  4. Carlos, Where do you live? I see cop cars every day. There were 2 at 23rd and Jackson this morning. And where is there a Tully’s in the cd?

  5. The police can not be everywhere also it is not their job to “protect us” it is their duty to make arrest and solve crimes, after the fact. SPD has been further hindered as they have been neutered elites who live in relative safety. We all bear the responsibility for our own personal safety as well as the safety and prosperity of our community.Get out on the streets, know your neighbors, and don’t cower in fear. I work late in the neighborhood (CD) and take regular midnight walks and have called on suspicious activity on more than one occasion. I think if anything we could use more organization among law abiding citizens who are sick of living in a gang war zone.

  6. KarlWalther, that’s the duty of police: reactive (as opposed to proactive) protection? Maybe we should then save some money by closing the precincts and have all officers be on-call if/when crime occurs. If that’s the attitude of the SPD as well, then the community has every right to not trust its police force.

  7. It is unrealistic to expect police officers to always be nearby the scene of a crime. They do their best, but there is only so many of them. If you want more officers patrolling our streets, you need to lobby for this at the City Council.

    This scourge of gun violence/random shootings needs to stop. I’m enouraged that, according to an article in today’s Seattle Times, US Attorney Jenny Durkan will be prosecuting more gun-toting criminals under federal law, and this will mean longer prison sentences. This could make a difference, although I doubt the amoral thugs in our community read newspapers.

  8. Is there anything being done about this?
    I seem to recall something similar happening a couple of weeks ago?
    A guy got kicked of a place and came back and shoot a bunch of innocent people?
    Anybody remember that?
    The guy actually threatened to go Racer Cafe on the bar.
    Dose it not seem like that would catch someones attention?
    And homophobic slurs followed by acts of violence?
    Almost seems like that might be something like a hate crime? Sorta like a felony?
    And they have a credit card number?
    Seems like we should have heard of the capture of this lunatic or at least a little effort to find him.

  9. What?
    1) How is your comment even relevant to the guys post you are responding to?
    2) As an attorney and son of a cop, the DOJ case has everything to do with proper policing.