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Sound Transit predicts light rail noise ‘much lower’ than construction – Meeting Wednesday

With concerns for some residents living along the new three-mile route shifting from worries about vibrations and noise during construction to worries about a permanent situation with the start of operations in 2016, Sound Transit is holding a community meeting Wednesday night on Capitol Hill to discuss their analysis and efforts to quell the U-Link light rail extension’s “Montlake Murmur.” CHS reported on the final work of the new line’s tunnel boring operations here in May.

Come learn about light rail operations and what to expect during passenger service. You’ll hear our predictions for noise, our decision to use quiet “resilient fasteners” and other improvements to cut noise in the U-Link tunnels. 

Date: Wednesday July 11, 2012

Time: 6-8 P.M.

Location: Miller Community Center (Multi-purpose Room)

Address: 330 19th Avenue E. 

During the recent mining of Link light rail tunnels between Husky Stadium and Capitol Hill, we heard a number of complaints about noise from the underground work. We reduced the noise in several ways, including installing rubber pads under the temporary construction rails.

But with tunnel mining now complete, attention has turned to 2016 when passenger service begins in the tunnels.

Using real world data gathered from Link light rail trains running in the Beacon Hill Tunnel, we’ve reviewed the sound levels that are expected from Link operations under Montlake and Capitol Hill. Those new predictions indicate that sound levels will be much lower than the noise from construction and most people should not be bothered by the noise.

In addition, the tunnel’s permanent tracks will have a number of improvements making them quieter than the temporary system used during construction. For example:

• We will install resilient rail fasteners to minimize the transfer of noise and vibration to the tunnel walls.

• The rails will be new and polished smooth.

• The rails will be continuously welded, so there are no joints to make noise.

For more information, please contact Wilbert Santos at (206) 370-5516 or [email protected]

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