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Ada’s Technical Books drops fuzzy ‘Hello World’ on new Capitol Hill location

(Images: CHS)

Leave it to Capitol Hill’s only “technical” — read: geeky — bookstore to weave a puzzle for us to unwind and knit the first chapter in its new story. Here’s what curious onlookers along 15th Ave E found at the former home of Horizon Books this weekend.

The mother of all yarn bombings appears to be a witty announcement of a new project CHS first reported on in May.

“Hello World,” indeed.

According to City of Seattle filings CHS looked up after word of the yarn work began spreading Saturday, the one-time home of Seattle’s oldest used bookstore will soon be the new home of Capitol Hill’s Ada’s Technical Books.

Earlier this year, CHS reported that the single-story house in the midst of the 15th Ave E commercial strip had been purchased and was being readied for a secret project involving what we were told was a familiar Capitol Hill business. 

“I represent a client who’s got a small business already on Capitol Hill,” Matt Herron of Cannon Commercial told CHS. “They wanted to let everyone know the property has been purchased.”

According to the recently filed paperwork, that business is Ada’s.

Ada’s was opened in 2010 in the Loveless Building on Roy at Broadway where it still makes its home today. Danielle Hulton’s shop is known for its eclectic take on “technical” books ranging from engineering to lock picking to speculative fiction. The former software engineer named her shop for Ada Lovelace, a 19th Century pioneer in computer programming.

According to the filings, the new Ada’s is intended as a bookstore and cafe in the converted 15th Ave E house and will require a remodel and an addition. According to Herron, the neighboring shop home to Casita that is also part of the property will remain in place.

The incoming shop and cafe adds another burst of energy to the growing bustle on 15th Ave E. Last week, Ethan Stowell debuted his new Rione XIII neighborhood trattoria on the street. Bakery/cafe The Wandering Goose is scheduled to follow neighbor Rione in September. The growing food and drink scene — and later nightlife on 15th — also has the veterans making new investments. We reported earlier on Coastal Kitchen’s big makeover after 20 years of business. And, yes, Liberty Bar still has never closed a day in its life. Open until 10p in its current Loveless incarnation, Ada’s should help continue to push back the typical 15th Ave bedtime.

Now that we’ve cracked the puzzle, we’ve reached out to Ada’s to learn more but have not yet heard back. Ada’s is a CHS advertiser — or, at least, was an advertiser until we broke her code.

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8 years ago

Super happy for Ada’s Technical Books and Danielle. Great news!
Also, I love the juxtaposition of using lo-fi to announce high-tech.

8 years ago

I arrived just as Horizon shut down and was extremely sad to have missed it. I’m not really one to read technical books, but I am very excited to see a bookstore move into that space & will be sure to drop by once they’re open!

8 years ago

SUPER AWESOME house-wrap a la Christo & Jean-Claude!! love the color.
Who did the work? he/she/they should get some credit!

8 years ago

You’re totally right! The artist behind the Yarn Bomb is Luke Haynes: He organized the project and had a huge amount of community support to help complete it.

8 years ago

Ada! Clever!!!! Can’t wait to stop in.

8 years ago

Luke Haynes! Yes! love his quilt work and the installation he did at Mad Homes last summer.

8 years ago

I walked by as they were attaching fabric to the outside of the building and wondered “what the –?” So glad to see it was the eye-catching opening appearance of a book-related business. Will definitely be there!

midge parris
8 years ago

Good luck Danielle! Love Grandma P.

8 years ago

Soaring to the heights of euphoria that horizon books house will remain and thankful it will become a bookstore again. One more nail salon or god forbid Thai restaurant and I’d plotz. Was actually hoping for a Barbra Streisand Boutique but books are the next best thing. Hope they restore white picket fence as well as daisies to keep that few feet of 15th looking as Hopperesque as it always was.


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