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Police investigating bloody attack on E Republican — UPDATE

Police are investigating a horrific attack that left a man covered in blood from a severe cut to his neck early Tuesday morning in the 300 block of E Republican.

According to the police report on the attack, the victim remembered little of the assault when medics responded just after 1:30 Tuesday morning.  Medical personnel believe the man was either cut with a knife or a hatchet leaving a “severe laceration to the left side of his neck, from the mid-line rear side of his neck almost all the way to the mid-line front side of his neck.”

The circumstances of the assault aren’t yet clear but a friend who was with the man told police they had been out drinking at a local nightclub when they met two males — one described as a white male, 5’8″, 180 pounds and wearing glasses, the other, a Hispanic male, 5’9″, 165 pounds and in his twenties. The victim reportedly planned to go home with the Hispanic male. The next time the friend spoke with the victim, according to the report, he was hysterical and crying on the phone. Another witness described the scene to police:

Another friend of the victim reached out to CHS about the incident and said the victim is recovering and is an employee at Neighbours. The friend said that tips collected at the bar Sunday night will go to help cover the victim’s expenses.

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12 thoughts on “Police investigating bloody attack on E Republican — UPDATE

  1. I hope they catch the sick fucker that did this soon!! From the EMT description of the injury, sounds like this was meant to be fatal.

    Hoping for a quick and full recovery for this victim and swift justice for that sick bastard.

  2. FYI, the two described are the victims friends and neither walked home with him. He was lucky no major arteries were severed, but the cut was very deep and caused a lot of muscle tissue damage. He will be okay eventually but is in a lot of pain until then.

  3. I’m sorely disappointed at this blogs ability to fact find. Please, next time why don’t you try to get a statement from someone that was involved with the incident. Everything you wrote besides the police report was speculation and hearsay from a source that “knows” a source. Rather than perpetuate hysteria and rumors, write something factual about it and not something so dramatic as an opening scene to a slasher movie.

    The wound was from mid neck, down his back two inches through some of his trapezius muscle, and was about two inches deep.

    We are planning a benefit for him, and as soon as details are finalized, the community will receive invites. As far as this Sunday goes, Neighbours Lounge (on the Broadway side), will be donating only the tips that are made from 5-10, as it’s normally his shift.

  4. The spot in question is on Republican near the bus stop and Melrose Terrace. I used to live a block further down that alley and there nothing but perpetual scum and drugged up street trash roaming the alley and down on Melrose on through the bike trail all night every night. I moved for exactly that reason.

    I’m sorry this fellow was attacked. I rarely ever see SPD patrol down there. The druggies know that and have no problem hanging out around there.

  5. CHB – I’m sure like most people in the neighborhood you know who the victim is as more than most people do…and you’re well aware that he “likes” your page and reads it often. I would think a few IMs/posts would clear up the details so that you could report the true facts without making this situation more salacious and dramatic than it already has been (not taking away from the severity of his injuries). This may have happened in public to a person that a lot of people know, but it is a private matter and your conjecture on the facts are not helpful or conducive to finding the assailant or helping him find closure.

  6. And he was going on about how the cops know it was him, and that he wanted to steal a gay dudes iphone, so he followed the man home, and the gay man and him did meth. The Conversation I had with him was vauge, and all I did was call the cops and made him not kill himself.

    Drugs r bad guys