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Small + dense, Julia Place Apartments rise on 22nd Ave E

Not every multifamily development opportunity in the area becomes aPodments. CHS recently noted a new, 5-unit apartment building developed on 22nd Ave E. The Julia Place Apartments are up for lease and CHS stopped by to pay the dense little building a visit.

Here’s how Elaine Nonneman described her project in a message to neighbors posted on the Miller Park Blog:

Long story short, I have built a 5-unit apartment building at 136 22nd Ave.E  between John and Madison, and it is ready for occupancy.  It’s called Julia Place Apartments, is mixed affordable, one unit fully accessible, and has 5-Star BuiltGreen certification.  Sustainable features include solar power and heat, 5800 gal. rainwater tanks to supply toilets, laundries and irrigation, and all ‘green’ materials and design. 

The four-story building is a nifty little feat of architectural design and relies on solar power and use of a rainwater catchment to keep utility costs low. Three of the units are relatively spacious 1-bedroom/1-bathroom apartments, each priced at 40-60% median income ($660-990).  The remaining two units are two-bedroom/two-bathroom apartments, each at market price. The units features hardwood floors, big closets, and new appliances including dishwasher and washing machines/dryers.

Images: Suzi Pratt for CHS

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10 thoughts on “Small + dense, Julia Place Apartments rise on 22nd Ave E

  1. I witnessed the construction of this clever design and how substantially it was built. very impressive.
    Not only attractive and fitting to the neighborhood, but green and affordable to boot!
    Well done.

  2. Wow, I like this. A great alternative to big box apartments that are the trend if you want to live in newer construction – and green built to boot. These seem like spaces that the tenants can take pride in.

    Bravo and hope to see more of them.

  3. Elaine Nonneman has done something rare and wonderful. For a private developer to have a commitment to creating a cohesive community, fostering an architectural aesthetic, and enhancing economic diversity seems unheard of these days. The canard that developers need to exploit their land to achieve the “highest and best” profit potential, without incorporating these other values as part of the goal, undermines neighborhoods. Mazel tov to Nonneman on her accomplishment. Hopefully she’ll influence one or two other developers to realize that real-estate development means more than squeezing out every nickel from their “investment.”

  4. This looks like an amazing building and is SO much better than those horrible apodments. Not only does it have a reasonable amount of space between it and the neighbors (allowing for some nice landscaping), but it also provides offstreet parking, AND several of the units are for lower income people…, win, win!!

    I hope this will serve as an example for what can be done. Listen up, developers!

  5. Can someone explain to a housing noob what that means?

    Looks like a really cool building compared to all the studios going for 1300+ in capitol hill.

  6. To my knowledge this has no public subsidy it in. Correct Justin? If so, I want to applaud Elaine for *voluntarily* setting rents low at truly affordable levels (60% of Area Median Income and below). Basically what this means is that she sacrifices profit to make a mixed income community. This rarely happens in new construction in particular. Bravo if this is the case.

  7. Hi,
    I am an artist and art instructor with a Master’s degree in Fine Art from the Art Institute of Chicago. I have a strong rental history and currently receive section 8 housing assistance due to a disability.

    My grandchild and daughters live very close to Julia’s Place, and therefore, I look forward to hearing about an opportunity to rent from you.

    At present I rent a house for $900 per month and am interested in the units ranging from $675-$900.

    My move date will be October 1.

    Please contact me at your earliest convenience.

    thanks very much,

    Saundra Fleming
    640 Pleasant Ave.
    Bremerton, WA 98337