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Capitol Hill food+drink | Love for Fogon, Kanape staying put, Guaymas on the move

Ambriz is ready for some media love (Image: CHS)

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  • Some Capitol Hill openings you’ll never hear the end of. We’ll be visiting Rione XIII, ourselves, again soon. Others, for whatever reason, don’t get the mass media love. CHS stopped by the recently opened Fogon Cocina Mexicana on E Pine to try to set the record straight for at least one of these underloved Capitol HIll food+drink rookies. Below, you’ll find photos and notes showing off the goods.

Noel Cortez and Jose Ambriz have broken the Kurrent to Kiki k-chain at Belmont and E Pine with a big city twist on their family’s Mi Tierra restaurants in Monroe and Woodinville.

On our visit to the under-reported Fogon, CHS found six varieties of margaritas, handmade tortillas and a menu ranging from street tacos to chicken breast milanesa and fried whole tilapia. The tacos will run you 9 bucks. The whole fish, $14. You can check out the menu here. Fogon is open daily at 11a and stays open late on the weekends. Happy hour with $2-off margaritas runs 3-6p and 10p to close. More pictures from the modestly compensated and well fed CHS contributor David Lichterman are below.


  • Thanks much to tipster Art for adding an interesting update to our news that Tacos Guaymas is leaving the Harvard Market shopping center to make way for a Chipotle.

Understanding? What happened to the other amazing rumor we’d heard about the old Grubwich location? The sign does not fully address our needs. Intrigue!

They said business has been a little slow since the write up about closing, customers and regulars have been a little confused, however negotiations on a new camera shop for that location is off. Which means, Cafe Kanape is staying on 700 E. Broadway indefinitely. They wanted me to make a mention on the Facebook, etc. but since you are influential and the number one source of news on the hill thought I’d email you personally.

Number one, baby.

  • You might have missed this in the pre-Labor Day weekend shuffle. The Living Room has a new owner. We’re told you can visit East Williamsburg’s duckduck (NY Mag’s page for the bar) to get a taste of what comes next on E Olive Way. Also, Eater apparently was not a Living Room fan. “A craft cocktail bar that wasn’t” ??? Shudder!
  • Wait, you missed our Linda news, too? Derschang is back on Broadway — Bait Shop is coming soon.
  • Meanwhile, this is a huge week for Capitol Hill nightlife. Q is set to make its public debut Saturday. CHS took a look at the final days of construction on the ‘major EDM venue’ here.
  • Also coming soon: Rumba (CHS post), the Wandering Goose (CHS post) and the return of Cafe Pettirosso (hey, us again!)
  • Oh, wait. One more. Menchie’s frozen yogurt is set to open on Broadway this weekend. We delved into the economics behind opening a fro yo franchise on Capitol Hill here earlier this summer.
  • Don’t forget: Coastal Kitchen is planning a short closure this month to complete its big makeover.

    (Image: Mad Dawg’s)

  • First Hill is getting a Potbelly Sandwich Shop.
  • 12th Ave’s The Chieftain has some new street grub just in time for Back to School time. Mad Dawg’s Hot Dogs says it is “expanding” to Capitol Hill.
  • 15th Ave E’s Bamboo could probably also be included in the under-documented new Capitol HIll food+drink file. But if you needed a place to score Singapore’s Tiger beer, you’ve found it.
  • It, apparently, is Washington Cider Week. Cafe Flora is doing a Tieton Cider Works tasting from 3:30-7:30p Tuesday, September 11th. Free to taste with food specials available. Meanwhile, Broadway’s 8oz. Burger Bar is sporting $5 Tieton Cider with the purchase of any burger from September 8-16. Hmm. Maybe this press release is a leetle bit Tieton biased.
  • How many free burgers did Li’l Woody’s hand out in three hours to celebrate its first birthday last week? 241.
  • Tragedy averted. Friday night, a bad person tried to burglarize Little Uncle’s E Madison walk-up and, thus, deprive jseattle of his source for very delicious occasional lunches. PK tells us not to fear. “They didn’t get anything but they did break our cash register. thanks for looking out,” she writes. No problem. Number one, baby.


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disappointed neighbor
11 years ago

I just hope that when they gut the place, the dickishly condescending whiteboard easel from Lab 5 ends up in the dumpster as well.

Up yours, whiteboard easel.

11 years ago

When is that obvious safety hazard/usurping of public property in the MIDDLE of the sidewalk going to be removed?

11 years ago

Not at all what we were hoping. Head to Cafe Lago in Montlake for delicious, authentic Italian. Another disappointing Capitol Hill restaurant. Pretentious is fine, if it’s delicious! Get rid of Canterbury, North Capitol Hill bakery, Olympic Pizza and bring us a steakhouse.

11 years ago

Not a big fan of Ethan Stowell’s restaurants. Anyone who is more interested in being a celebrity chef and maximizing profit is probably not going to deliver a great product. I used to like A&O but the food quality even on that one has gone downhill. I’m happy there is at least another option on 15th for drinks worst case. I will withhold judgement on his new space since I haven’t tried it tho.

11 years ago

Why aren’t you bitching about every restaurant on Capitol Hill (or throughout the city for that matter) that has outdoor seating? Never mind the fact that the city approves of it all.

11 years ago

This is a stand-up bar (presumably for those awaiting tables), and is not the same as sidewalk seating, which is cordoned off from the sidewalk by a fence or some kind of barrier, and in general is not a safety hazard. It is an accident waiting to happen, and DPD needs to revoke its approval and get it removed before someone gets hurt.

11 years ago

The standup bar at RioneXIII is to code. It’s hardly a safety hazard. If that standup bar is a safety hazard then so is every other sidewalk café, light pole, newspaper box, planter, tree, curb, drain. Just walk around it like you do every other “hazard” on the street. If you are so worried about personal safety, perhaps you shouldn’t be living in a city.

For people complaining about about a chef “maximizing profits” (as if that were somehow a bad thing to do as a business owner) maybe take a look at the prices on the RioneXIII menu. The same or cheaper than any other restaurant on the that street. But, since your complaint is coming before you have actually visited the restaurant, I guess you’re just making shit up—worst case.

11 years ago

We just got back from a month and a half vacation to find them open and so we went for the first time Tuesday – OMG is the food good!! Thank goodness for a Mexican restaurant at that location, and open windows a big plus.