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Capitol Hill was #8 before it was cool

Hip Girls in 2012, originally uploaded by mattsdrawings.

Because Forbes should know. Because we’re #8. Because to acknowledge that ranking is to be rendered ineligible for inclusion. And because of the shitty cover-up ad. Here it is:

8. Capitol Hill, Seattle, WA

Seattle, oft times credited as the West Coast birthplace of the hipster craze, has several cool kid neighborhoods. Capitol Hill landed on our list, but it was in close competition with the up-and-coming Ballard neighborhood (walkability tipped the scales). Known for both its hipster and gay communities, a good cup of coffee is a given in Capitol Hill — the area had the highest coffee shop per capita ranking on our list — and gourmands have access to fresh finds at the local farmer’s market. Bars, fringe theaters and impromptu street parties make the area a nightlife destination.

Also, because Forbes chose to illustrate the entry with an image of a 100-year-old conservatory and not hipster hamburger:

It’s not clear if the list is ranked or what but we are included just before Oakland CA’s Uptown and East Austin in the Forbes slideshow. If you read the fine print, you’ll realize just how much BS goes into the rankings including an injection of data from a national neighborhood site that nobody uses. Also, suck it, Ballard.

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10 thoughts on “Capitol Hill was #8 before it was cool

  1. But it was Portland’s Pearl District, which is probably the least hipster neighborhood in Portland, equivalent to South Lake Union or Belltown.

    From now on I’m going somewhere besides Forbes Magazine to find out what’s cool. Maybe CNBC.

  2. What’s with websites becoming more and more obnoxious? The website takes up 1/3 of the page and puts not one but _two_ danged tool bars on their pages so you are left with a two inch hole in the middle of the page to see any content that is there. This is just a plain stupid and idiotic way to display content.

  3. KING was on Capitol Hill today asking people on camera about the list. Unfortunately, they were asking people of they thought it was appropriate that Capitol Hill was the 8th “hippest” neighborhood in the US. I probably should have interrupted them and clarified that it was the 8th “best neighborhood for hipsters”. Nobody waiting for a hair cut at Rudy’s seemed very interested in participating.