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CHS Pics | Grrl Army strikes shuttered Capitol Hill Market

Police were called to a report of taggers doing their work on the shuttered Capitol Hill Market late Wednesday night just blocks from 12th and Pine’s East Precinct headquarters. By the time they arrived, it was too late. The Grrl Army had struck.

Thanks to Charles for the picture.

The Stranger has been following the ongoing war between the Army and professional poster placer Poster Giant. Earlier this month, CHS reported on big changes on one front of that battle as work begins to redevelop the Sunset Electric building at 11th and Pine into a six-story mixed-use apartment building. 

As part of that project, the developers have worked out a deal with neighbor Crybaby Studios to manage “local event posters and community art” —

Sunset Electric Construction Fence to Accommodate Local Community Bill Posters and Artists
The Wolff Company, owner and developer of a new high-quality mixed-use property in the historic Sunset Electric building located at 11th Ave. and Pine St. will erect a construction fence around the property this week marking commencement of construction. When the fence goes up, it will end a years-long use of the once abandoned building’s exterior as a canvas for bill posting companies. 
Out of respect for the role this space has played in the community for years, the construction fence will have three portions designed specifically to accommodate local event posters and community art. Local independent firm, Crybaby Studios, LLC has volunteered to provide exclusive management of the space for the benefit of the Capitol Hill arts community. 
A representative of The Wolff Company commented, “The local art and music scene on Capitol Hill is an important part of the community fabric. Working with Leigh [Crybaby Studios owner], we believe we can help promote its continued success while this site is under construction.” 
Construction on the site is expected to continue for approximately 19 months. When complete, the project will be a showcase of state-of-the-art green building practices, bright residential units and high-quality retail space. 
Comments and inquiries about the bill-posting space may be sent to For a look at some of Capitol Hill’s most memorable event bills, plan to attend Crybaby Studio’s October 11 gallery showing at Vermillion, 1508 11th Avenue.

Grrl Army participants have recently expanded their political, LGBTQ and feminist messaging to include assets beyond the poster wall such as nearby utility poles splashed with pink paint.

Wednesday night, the group apparently expanded its territory to the Capitol Hill Market which closed suddenly in July and has sat empty since.

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  1. grrl army,

    can you do something about those city arts posters too that are clogging up all the space on the hill. would be nice if people that don’t have corporate sponsorship for their events had the chance to put up a poster for their show.

  2. At least they targeted an abandoned/soon-to-be demolished building….but it’s still vandalism, not “art.”

    I have seen a number of utility poles painted pink in the past few weeks…is the “grrl army” responsible for these too? Don’t they know that workers from Seattle Public Utilities will have to clean it all up?

  3. Strictly speaking, it isn’t abandoned. Someone still owns it. And I’ve seen people working inside as recently as early this week (Monday night, IIRC), so I’m not so sure that it is destined for demolition, either.

  4. Today I noticed that this arrogant “seattlegrrrlarmy” group also painted pink almost all the utility poles on 12th Ave between E olive St and E Denny Way….at least 15 poles. This will take the city workers (from Seattle Public Utilities) many hours to clean up and paint over. Do the vandals care?…of course not…..because their message is SO important….NOT!

    I will be doing everything I can to get these vandals stopped.