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Hazmat incident at Capitol Hill apartment building following suicide call

Seattle Fire shut down the area around the Bella Vista building at E Mercer and Bellevue Thursday afternoon for a hazardous materials response. Police in the area say there is no immediate danger to nearby residents.

Seattle Fire tells us the incident began as a response following the discovery of a suicide inside the building. The hazmat response was initiated due to concerns about possible chemicals in the apartment. We don’t have details about the nature of the chemicals at this time.

Bellevue remains closed to traffic in both directions during the response.

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10 years ago


10 years ago

I live in that building. Any extra info would be appreciated.

10 years ago

I’ve removed a comment thread from this post. I appreciate people providing extra information but please also be sensitive about conjecture in a situation like this. It’s a challenge, I know, to find the line between helping people understand a situation and going too far. I’m here — along with our automated moderation tools and comment system — to try to help find that line.

Here is some of the info from the removed comments. I have not confirmed the identity of the man who died at this point:

Lived there for 6-months until we found bed bug problems in the south wing. I’m hearing reports it was the manager Don…

Oh wow…I hope it wasn’t Don. He is a really great guy. Text with him a lot about apt stuff…

It was Don. A friend that lives on the 4th floor, across the hall from Don, was able to confirm this…

rudy peer
10 years ago

just came home to memos about this all over our building. what an incredible loss. a standup guy who did everything in his power to help me and my fiancee with any issues regarding our apartment. he will be greatly missed. i am completely at a loss. rest in peace don.

10 years ago

Where can I find more info about this incident?