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Help Daniel celebrate Park(ing) Day — 2 parks pop up on Capitol Hill

In August, we posted that you still had time to claim a spot. Daniel did. His park will pop up on Broadway for a Friday Park(ing) Day 2012. You’ll also find a sudden take over of a small portion of the street along 12th Ave where our friends at Schemata Workshop are teaming up with neighbors Scratch Deli. Here’s a note from Daniel on his plans for a Broadway Park(ing) Day Park. You’ll also find a map for the dozen other “official” parks around they city. Maybe there will also be a few renegade efforts or, if nothing else, a friend or two sitting on a sunny curb.

2011 along Melrose (Image: CHS)

I’m not doing anything too crazy, just setting out a carpet, some potted plants and and a few chairs for people to relax around. I’m bringing with me some magazines and other reading material, as well as a pile of postcards and a few books of stamps. I’m encouraging people to write their mothers, brothers, Senators or anyone else out there who might enjoy some mail. Who doesn’t like (non-junk)mail?! I think this is a great opportunity to take some time to slow down, meet a neighbor or two, enjoy the weather and send an unexpected hello to someone else beyond our immediate reach. I’ll also have a few voter registration application forms on hand, so that visitors can register if they haven’t yet done so. 

I’ll be there (on Broadway East, between Roy and Aloha) from 9-3, reading and writing, likely sipping on several coffees from Joe Bar as the day progresses. It’d be great to meet some folks and have some fun. Thanks for your interest–it was the CHS post about the event and its waning popularity that encouraged me to finally do this. 

Oh, and I’m attaching the info from SDOT that includes a map of all the parks officially registered for tomorrow (a surprisingly scant 14 city-wide). Perhaps it may be of some interest to you if you’ve not yet seen it. Also you’ll find a photo of my spot in preparation–advanced “no parking” noticed in place. Thanks again.

Daniel’s park (Image: CHS)


12_0917 Parking Day 2012 Site Location Map

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11 thoughts on “Help Daniel celebrate Park(ing) Day — 2 parks pop up on Capitol Hill

  1. It requires a permit to stick out those no parking sandwich boards.

    If they’ve got that, why not take a cup of coffee and join in on the fun?

  2. Whats with the bitchy comments? Who gives a shit if Daniel has a job or not, its Park(ing)day and this type of stuff has been going on for years. People are being creative and doing something different.

    Take your cranky asses to the coffee shop and get yourselves an attitude adjustment! The hill is supposed to be creative and fun, embrace it or move on.

  3. There’s a nice little parking spot on Broadway between Roy and Aloha in front of Ada’s Bookstore. You can write your mom a letter in the nice little living room of a spot they set up!

  4. Seen a few of the spots around town, it looks fabulous- the energy of people like Daniel, volunteers, typical employees who are putting their action working for more engaging, fun urban atmosphere. Pioneer Square has a pretty big deal going on in Occidental park. I wish this kind of stuff would happen way more often. How much art can you take??

  5. Thanks to everyone who stopped by today, despite the soggy weather. It was lovely meeting you and I’m pleased to report that we got several folks registered to vote and sent out a bunch of postcards. I’d call it a success for sure. See you all next year, but hopefully sooner.

  6. I went to the parking spot on 12th – I admit I was confused and thought they were the spot offering the postcards, which I really wanted to do. But the Schemata folks were so friendly and great to chat with – they gave me some parsley and a purple bean! And one of their chickens laid an egg.

    Really fun event and I wish I could have done a tour to see the other spots. thanks for posting about it!