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Hill Style | Red bike on John

Daphne- 14th & John

Daphne, a scenic artist by trade, recently moved to Seattle from Germany and her boyfriend bought her this bike as a gift when she arrived here. In fact, it still had a red bow on the back when I took this photo.

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8 years ago

Poor Daphne, her boyfriend bought her the American equivalent of a “Hollander” bike and with all our hills it just isn’t going to cut it. He better shell out a bit more for an electric bike to secure this relationship.

8 years ago

90% of children wear a helmet while bicycling in Berlin while only 5-10% of adults do. Germans and Europeans think they know better so they engage in this paradoxical behavior. This is an unequivocal example where Seattleites can have a superiority complex.

You people
8 years ago

Go outside self righteous commenter. What is wrong with you people? shut up, im going outside

8 years ago

…with a 3-speed. Which is probably what that bike is. Get over your cycling pretentiousness.