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Police release composite sketch of Yancy Noll murder suspect

Seattle Police have released a composite sketch of the man witnesses say pulled up beside Yancy Noll’s car on the night of August 31st and shot the 43-year-old to death in a case of suspected road rage. CHS reported on the ongoing flow of sightings and tips coming into police as detectives worked to track down the suspect’s BMW Z4 captured on surveillance video at the scene of the crime.

Noll, the wine steward at the Broadway Market QFC since 2010, was remembered by family, friends and customers this weekend in memorials near his Ravenna apartment and on Capitol Hill.

The SPD report on the composite sketch plus more information on the suspect vehicle is below.

Homicide detectives hope this composite sketch will help them zero in on the man that shot and killed Yancy Noll. This sketch is based on information taken directly from witnesses who observed the suspect fleeing the area.

Detectives have also narrowed down the type of car that the suspect was driving as a silver 2002-2008 BMW Z4 converitble with a black interior. The attached pictures depict a 2002- 2008 BMW Z4 with both the top up and the top down.

Detectives are releasing an additional detail in this investigation: For reasons that are still unknown, the  murder suspect was so enraged at Yancy Noll that he pulled up alongside him in the oncoming traffic lanes as Noll was stopped for a red light facing southbound on 15th Avenue NE where it intersects with NE 75th Street. The suspect then shot at Noll multiple times with a handgun and in the process shot out his own passenger window.  The suspect was last seen speeding away down 15th Avenue NE.

Anyone with information about this incident or who may know the identity or whereabouts of the suspect or his vehicle is asked to call 911 or the Seattle Police Homicide Tip Line at (206) 233-5000. Anonymous tips are welcome. Anyone uncomfortable calling police directly is encouraged to call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477).

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21 thoughts on “Police release composite sketch of Yancy Noll murder suspect

  1. A BMW Z4 if owned by the driver likely indicates financial resources.

    The killer is not in the state of WA if even the USA right now. Maybe in 2 – 8 weeks the killer will return to Seattle.

  2. No doubt that people will call police and report acquaintances/neighbors who look like this and drive a silver BMW Z4. Judging by the car, sunglasses and gelled hair, I would not rule out the Eastside. As lifeguard said, the suspect may very well be out of the country (and sweating bullets, no doubt).

  3. Doubt it – the killer is probably right where he’s always been, trying not to tip off people around him with a sudden vacation. This was likely an impulsive act of rage by a narcissistic sociopath who thinks he’s above getting caught. Oh, but he’ll be caught.

    If you think you know this person, if you have any suspicion at all, PLEASE call the tip line! Don’t delay, just do it.

  4. There’s also a possibility that this shooter lives to the north. Yancy was returning home from Capitol Hill and had probably just exited I-5 at the Lake City exit. The road rage could have stemmed from something that occurred on I-5 northbound, and the shooter may have been commuting northward home as well. People who drove I-5 northbound that evening from 7pm – 7:25pm may have seen this car as well, and that would be a very important fact to report.

  5. Cross check concealed firearms permits with z4 owners. Although I’m sure that’s been attempted. Look into Bellevue/eastide. They’re all little tiny dicked ragers with everything to prove

  6. as somebody pointed out earlier, he might not have gone anywhere, since such an absence would tip somebody off. For that matter, if he WAS still here, the glass repair shops or body shops should have come up with something when SPD checked with them.

    I think somebody knows perfectly well who it is and is too chicken shit to rat out their murderer friend.

  7. It’s unclear from this article – is the public asked to call 911 for ANY sighting of a silver BMW z4 vehicle like the one pictured above? Or only one missing a passenger window?

  8. Caught! Drove past the police today on I5n near mount lake terrace at 6pm with this fellow in custody. If of course they have the right person! He looked exactly like the sketch with that car and about 10 police cars behind him.

  9. REALLY? I saw him driving Northbound I-5 in downtown Seattle and called the police. They had me follow him as they dispatched the police, but I lost him. Glad they found him! I just hope it really is him and not just some look alike driving the same car that I got arrested… :(

  10. Police waited a week to release the sketch. Don’t put too much stock in the sketch.

    Seems when police have solid eyewitness accounts that correspond with one another or distinctive markings on a person, they rush the sketch. If this sketch were a great representation of the shooter, I think they’d have made an arrest or would have a name of a person of interest by now. Sometimes releasing the sketch will bring a lull to the tips because the perp doesn’t actually look much like the sketch.

    They have the car type solid (silver BMW z4 convertible), and that the driver is a white or asian male with dark hair. They know exactly where he was on Friday August 31 at 7:30pm. Whoever this is probably has a short fuse, and carries a gun. Go back to that. If you know someone who this could be even if they DON’T match the sketch very well, PLEASE call in your tip. There is a reward, not to mention the reward of a clean conscience.