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SPD makes arrest in Yancy Noll killing — UPDATE

Yancy Noll (Image: Facebook)

Police have arrested a suspect in the August 31st shooting death of Capitol Hill wine steward Yancy Noll. Here’s a note sent to us by reader Rich about the scene that transpired early this morning in North Seattle:

@ 7:15 AM today I was driving south on 25th AVE @ 75th ST NE and SWAT team members in front of a house on 25th AVE on the west side.
SWAT team members and the garage door was open.

Inside clearly was a silver convertible with a black top much like the car in the Yancy Noll case

Just thought you would want to know

Hopefully it’s the guy

Messages posted to the Yancy Noll Memorial page on Facebook celebrated the arrest.

The suspect has not yet been charged with a crime but was booked into jail Friday morning.

Here is the SPD brief on the arrest:

Homicide detectives have arrested the man suspected of gunning down Yancy Noll at a north Seattle intersection last month.

Acting on a tip, SWAT and homicide detectives served a warrant at a home in north Seattle early Friday morning—less than a mile from where Noll was shot and killed—and arrested a 30 year old suspect in the shooting.

On August 31st, Noll was driving home from work and stopped at NE 75th and 15th Avenue NE, facing northbound.  A man driving southbound in a silver BMW Z-4 pulled alongside Noll’s car and opened fire, killing Noll. The suspect then fled the scene southbound at a high rate of speed, running the red light at the intersection.

Detectives believe the shooting was the result of road rage.

The suspect has been booked into the King County Jail for investigation of murder.

Noll was killed in what detectives believe was a road rage shooting on a Friday night just before 7:30 at the intersection of 15th Ave NE and 75th Ave NE. CHS reported on the ongoing flow of sightings and tips coming into police as detectives worked to track down the suspect’s BMW Z4 captured on surveillance video at the scene of the crime.

SPD released a sketch of the suspect a week after the killing.

Friday’s raid went down about a half-mile from the intersection where the 43-year-old Noll was gunned down, about a 1-minute drive.

Noll, the wine steward at the Broadway Market QFC since 2010, was remembered by family, friends and customers this month in memorials near his Ravenna apartment and on Capitol Hill.

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  1. KOMO doesn’t have it, KING doesn’t have it, Times doesn’t have it, (as of this post) but Justin does!

    Another sign of the demise of old line journalism. Nice job.

  2. Thanks — the community that surrounds Yancy Noll is really incredible. I’m happy for Noll’s loved ones and friends.

    Working to find out more about the suspect.

  3. Hugs and tissues to everyone! Thank you everyone who spread the word, posted fliers, and sent in tips…this probably wouldn’t happened without you. Hopefully this is the guy and SPD is able to prosecute him!

  4. The size and love of the community that surrounds him is just a weak reflection of what a great, warm guy he was.

    Please keep us posted as more details come out.

  5. I did my own research and came up with the same name. We don’t have confirmation that this is the correct guy, however, so I don’t want to spread the name around least we are wrong.

  6. I wonder if SPD did a search of registered vehicles that matched the description? If so, did any bells go off when one showed up not more than a mile from where the crime occured.
    And I can’t tell from the photos, but didn’t earlier reports indicate that the passenger side window was shot out during the shooting?

  7. I heard they were acting on a tip, although I did wonder whether they could, for example, cross-reference the vehicle registration records with concealed carry permits (on the chance that the perp had a concealed carry permit.)

  8. The acting on a tip part (YAY for the person who provided the tip) was kind of why I was asking the question. I imagine a computer search of registered vehicles would have provided the address much sooner. You bring up another great point about cross referencing that with a concealed permit.

  9. It’s not that they don’t know, it’s that SPD asked that CHS not reveal the name. And you know what happens when a journalist does something like reveal a suspect’s name when specifically asked not to by the police department? That journalist ends up not ever being able to get information from the department that they need for other stories.

    But there’s enough information in the story that we all figured it out, just like you. You can take some deep breaths now.

  10. Seattle times article names suspect. Says community tipster told them bowman owns guns, drives a Z4, lives near shooting and has anger management problem. And he has prior burglary theft arrest. He’s hiring infamous lawyer to the guilty, John Henry Browne. His mother says she doesn’t think he would shoot someone as “he’s very smart”.

    Hope he rots in jail for life. Assuming he’s the killer.

  11. Leave the wife out of this. Seriously, could you imagine what she is already going through? Considering the M.O. she is also likely a victim of some of his rage, and who knows, maybe she sent the final tip in.

  12. That assumes the vehicle is actually correctly registered at the address where the owner was living. If it’s still registered in Capitol Hill or Des Moines it wouldn’t do much good.

    I’m betting a neighbor who knows them or at least has seen the car parked there a lot make a tip. If they’re ‘on the lookout’ for a car with a broken window but he’s had it parked in a garage until the heat is off, they’d never find it.

  13. This made my day too! What a total idiot… this guy had his entire life set out in front of him like a silver platter, and he blew it with a senseless moment of road-rage. I’m hoping he uses the next 20+ years to reflect on his anger issues.

  14. As long as I live, I will never understand such incidents of “road rage.” Yes, we all get frustrated with other drivers, but to pull up along side and execute someone? That is beyond the pale.

    When found guilty, he should get “life without parole,” at the very least, for his heinous crime.

  15. If it were up to me, I’d have PUT TO DEATH in less than 30 days after his sentencing hearing and then harvest his organs to save innocent lives. There was a chinese road rage killer who met such a fate earlier this year. Such a shame we can’t persuade the local and Chinese governments to extradite him to China so he can be killed and stripped for parts.

  16. Me too. But the good news is that his guns have been taken away from him PERMANENTLY. He must now live in a place where he has no access to firearms and his intelligence will be completely and utterly useless against larger, violent inmates who will jump at the chance to violate him in the most intimate possible way.

  17. The fatal shot was fired from a vehicle that transported the shooter to the scene (he was driving), so under Washington law, this homicide is eligible to be prosecuted as capital murder, i.e., seeking the death penalty. Seriously. Will the Prosecutor go that far?

  18. I realize that BB. And that is why I favor an extremely brutal punishment for this man: To send the message that if you act on your violent impulses in this manner, not only will you be unable to escape justice, but you will be treated mercilessly by the state. In Saudi Arabia this guy would be publicly decapitated, in China he’d be executed in less than a month and his organs harvested. The reason why I am such an enthusiastic supporter of *jailhouse justice* is that it is essentially an extrajudicial punishment to counteract the leniency of our justice system.

  19. Big A; it’s your views that sicken me. To promote the hate you call “jailhouse justice” is for me being no different than the man who shot Yancy. You are acting exactly the same. You think you have the right to punish someone. You can justify it all you want, but you’re exactly the same to me. Because you think your hate justifies your actions. I met a man w/similar views at a party not long ago and I told him I had to leave as I didn’t feel safe being in a room w/someone like him. He was shocked. But he (and you) are just as untrustworthy as the killer. You’re not safe to be around, because your hate could spill over.

    Jail should be about rehabilitation. Not severe punishment. Being in jail is punishment enough. The fact that such cruelty has been used throughout history and has never curtailed anyone from committing murder is proof enough that the death penalty doesn’t work. It doesn’t send any kind of “message” as you so claim. Just look around you; did the fact that we have a death penalty stop any of the murders we had this year? No. Just lock up people who can’t be rehabilitated forever. It’s cheaper.

    Maybe you should move to Saudi Arabia or China then if you admire their views so much. For me, I think it’s what makes them uncivilized. And yes, every state in the union that has a death penalty is just as uncivilized.

    My friend Mia Zapata suffered a horrible long painful death. But I never wanted his killer sentenced to death. It was the first time I’d confronted the issue in a real way, instead of as a theoretical issue. I watched him in the courtroom, emotionless, scary, frightening to think about what he had done to Mia. But I didn’t want him to die. I felt that was wrong. I felt that to think that is a kind of evolution humanity so desperately needs. I did want him locked up forever and do not understand why he didn’t get life (don’t know the legal reason). Maybe to others that’s odd, but I guess it’s the same kind of impulse that had the woman in the South Park rape/murder (and her family) say they didn’t hate the rapist/killer and hoped to see him in heaven. It really is better to grasp the positive instead of getting mired in hate like you have. It almost makes me sorry for you.

    With this guy, it sounds like there is no series of arrests for violent crimes that we know of, so would he even get the death penalty? You can kill someone w/your car and get out in less than five years, if you serve any time at all. Aren’t there killers that have shot or stabbed people to death and got no more than five years? I’m sure I’ve read of killers who get 20 years, then are let out in 10. I don’t know how they decide that. It will be interesting to see how this case develops. For now, we know very little about the accused. It sounds like he is guilty, so maybe all John Browne can do is get a lesser sentence of some kind.

  20. M, I understand what you’re saying but I honestly don’t feel the same way. The thing is, your views on this matter are sentimental. What we want is to prevent this guy from ever having the chance to kill again. The Chinese justice system is merciless, but the advantage is that by executing murderers swiftly they prevent these people from having the chance to commit any more crimes. That’s why I think that this guy needs to die. But perhaps its better if inmates take care of him so there’s no blood on the states hands and he will never be free man again cos he’ll be dead.